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Common Interior Painting Failures and How to Prevent Them in St. Louis, MO

Common Interior Painting Failures and How to Prevent Them in St. Louis, MO

In looking to get your home to look nicer, you are going to want to take care not to make some common painting mistakes.

The good thing that you can know about this is that when you take the time to learn about these common failures, you can prevent them and therefore save yourself a lot of money and time.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some common interior painting failures and how to prevent them when you want a well painted home interior.

1. Not Protecting The Floor

When you are looking to paint your home interior and you don’t take the time to protect your floor first, the problem that you’re going to face is that you will almost certainly get paint on the floor.

The issue with when you get paint on your floor is that it is quite difficult to clean it off the floor once it is there — some people paint their floors and they can tell you just how difficult it is to get that paint off the floor once it’s there.

The better thing to do is to cover the floor before you paint so that you won’t get any paint on it in the first place.

2. Not Cleaning Before Painting

When you’re going to be painting one of your interior walls, it’s a good idea to first properly clean the walls that are going to be painted so that you don’t end up painting dirty walls.

Though you may be of the belief that you can just paint your walls regardless of how dirty or clean they are, this is not at all the case and it is quite evident when you have painted walls that are dirty.

They have the appearance of dirty walls that have paint applied to them — and you can probably imagine that’s not the look that most people go for when they’re looking to paint an interior room.

It’s far better to properly clean your walls and then allow time to pass for the walls to dry — for you may as well get them to be fully dry before you move onto the next step in the painting process.

Doing this will also help to ensure that your walls are more even and smooth before you paint them.

3. Painting Too Quickly

Though you may look at your painting project and come to realize that there’s quite a lot to be done in the time that you have, trying to paint too quickly is certainly not going to help you and in many ways you may ultimately be hindered by trying to do this.

The issue that a lot of people will have when they paint too quickly is that they tend to make more mistakes than if they would just take their time in painting — and these are the sorts of painting mistakes that have to be corrected before you move on or else you will be able to tell that a mistake was made.

Perhaps you’ll have applied the paint in an inconsistent manner and therefore have to even it out — or perhaps you will have applied not enough paint in one area and it will be clear that more has to be added — here as well, you have to go back and make the correction before you move on with your painting project.

In all of these cases, you’re going to want to fix these mistakes by making the time to paint more slowly and as such prevent the mistakes from happening in the first place.

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