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Guest Bedroom Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

Guest Bedroom Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

There are few rooms that are quite as distinct as the guest room — not every house has one, of course, but the houses that do can sometimes have a special quality to them.

If you have a guest bedroom in your home and you want to improve it, one thing you might do to get a better look is to paint — yet if you make some fairly simple mistakes in the process of painting it, you can drive up the price of the project and make it maybe take longer than necessary.

Let’s have a look at some guest bedroom painting mistakes to avoid.

1. Using Difficult To Clean Paint

When you’re looking to paint your guest bedroom, you should take into consideration the fact that in a lot of cases you will have opportunities for your guests to take food to the room (unless you have a strict policy in your home to not allow such a thing!)

In choosing a paint for your guest bedroom, remember this fact well and then make sure that the paint that you choose is easy to clean — and in most cases, this means getting one that is glossier in sheen as that can be wiped clean.

The mistake that people will sometimes make is in using a flat paint to cover the walls and then when they go to clean it, the paint comes off in addition to the stains that need to be cleaned — and this is not what you want to see happen.

2. Choosing A Dreary Or Not Welcoming Color

Your guest bedroom is meant to be a warm and welcoming room and thus it is rather important that the color or colors on the wall should reflect this.

Imagine if you were going to a friend’s home to stay for a few days and they took you to the guest bedroom and you found that all of the walls and the ceiling were black — would you feel like you were a welcome guest in that home?

Perhaps so — but for the average person, the presence of such a color might indicate that the room is a bit darker and not as pleasant as it could be.

Do your guests a favor and make use of a color that is warmer and more pleasant for them.

3. Leaving All The Furniture In The Room

Though this is not necessarily the worst mistake that you can make, it’s certainly a mistake and one that you should try to avoid.

The thing about a painting project in a room such as a guest room is that you are going to need as much free space as possible, and furniture and the like are going to take up that space — plus, having things in the room increases the chances that you could get paint on those things.

If you aren’t able to remove things from the room, you should do your best to move them away from the walls and cover them with a tarp or drop cloth to better protect them from dripping paint.

4. Not Letting Surfaces Dry

Lastly (though there are other mistakes that we may mention in a future blog) you should be sure that you always allow your surfaces to fully dry before you move on to the next step in the painting process.

If you start taking on the next step in the painting process when your surfaces are still wet, you will find that this creates painting problems later on that will be quite difficult to correct without having to in some cases strip paint and start over.

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