Interior Painting Pros

The interior of your home is your sanctuary. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen etc. it is where you relax and enjoy time with your family. There usually comes a time when you feel room needs a change. The most dramatic change you can make is a new paint job. You can completely change the ambience of a room by simply changing the color of the walls. 

Once you have decided to paint, before we can apply your new color to your walls, we need to consider what prep work needs to be performed. What separates a good quality paint job from a disappointing one is the amount of pre-painting prep work involved. 

Whether it is the repairing of cracks on your walls or ceilings, nail holes, nail-pops, failing drywall tape, etc. These all need to be fixed prior to painting. We call this Necessary Prep Work and is our “Selah Standard”. With our standard estimate we include all the Necessary Prep Work. If the damaged areas are not repaired properly, they will return prematurely and they will be noticed when your walls and ceilings have been finish painted. Read more about this at Interior Prep Work.

The other type of prep work to be considered is Cosmetic Prep Work. This is our “Selah Select” package. Necessary prep work is the repairing of failing, damaged areas such as those caused by structural damage and/or poor workmanship of the original builder. Cosmetic prep work deals ONLY with the aesthetics of your ceilings, walls and woodwork. It involves repairing things that simply look bad such as dents, seams, humps, scrapes, etc. They are just blemishes that can look bad on your newly painted substrate if they are not repaired, but there is no real damage. The “Selah Select” package only involves the amount of Cosmetic repairs, if any, that you want performed.

What separates us from other painting contractors is we find out exactly what you want as for as the Cosmetic prep is concerned. We then customize your proposal to reflect what you are looking for.

After we complete the proper prep work, we perform quality painting with quality products. We use the proper primers, caulk, patching material and then we finish it up with quality finish paint. The paints that we recommend all have good durability, washability  and color retention. We do not use builder grade paints. These cheaper paints are typically used by most painting companies to keep the cost down. However, the cheap paints wear out faster and get dirty  a lot quicker.

When you contact us for a free estimate, we then come take a look at what you want painted and ask you the right questions to find out exactly what you want. It is a painless process, but you end up getting exactly what you are looking for as opposed to being disappointed after the job is completed.