Your exterior paint is the only thing protecting your substrate from the harsh elements. And if the paint is not properly applied, failure of that paint could happen prematurely. You may not even notice it. A small crack or any kind of peeling will allow water in and thus begins the process of deterioration.

At Selah Painting we take the proper steps to ensure that your exterior lasts as long as possible. There are unique steps that we take. Steps and processes that most other painting contractors don’t want to take the time to perform. 

There are specific products that are designed for specific tasks. Primers, caulks and patching materials that are not one-size-fits-all. Using the right products for the specific task is crucial when it comes to holding up to the elements.  

There are also specific finish paints for specific areas to be painted. For example, siding paint and paint for exterior doors should not be the same product. Paint made for doors have limitations when applied to the siding. And vice versa.

The point is that unlike most other exterior painting companies, we do not just come in and paint your home real quick. We take the time to do it right. Check out our processes.