Exterior Products We Use


PPG Acri-Shield Bonding Primer- Recommended as 1st Coat for All Exterior Applications (see “Prep Work Involved“). All exteriors should have 2 coats of paint minimum applied. I highly recommend this primer to be used as the entire 1st coat, and then a quality finish paint as the 2nd and final coat. This primer adheres to chalky, deteriorated material and is a thick bodied primer that fills in smaller imperfections such as cracks. We tint it to the finish color to ensure excellent coverage.

Finish Paint

PPG Porter Permanizer Exterior Acrylic Paint– Satin and Semi-gloss. Permanizer provides the ultimate, longest-lasting protection based on a unique technology that offers a durable, one-coat film backed by a lifetime guarantee. Self-priming, one coat coverage*, exceptional adhesion, excellent tannin stain and early moisture resistance, paint and primer in one, mildew and algae resistant on the paint film, SidingSafeĀ® color technology expands color options for painting select siding and trim.

Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint– Satin, Gloss and High Gloss. Duration is the longest-lasting coating on the market. It’s formulated with Permalast technology with advanced acrylic co-polymers that make it far more durable than even the most premium exterior paints.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Waterborne Exterior Paint Low Lustre and Soft Gloss. Regal Select is a premium waterborne acrylic paint tinted on our patented Gennex platform. It delivers the classic application and superior performance you expect from the Regal name for your exterior jobs.