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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting A Bedroom in St. Louis, MO

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting A Bedroom in St. Louis, MO

When you’re thinking about how to improve the look of your home, whether you’re doing it because you just like your home looking nice or because you have thoughts of eventually selling, one place you might not consider improving is your bedroom.

This is strange because it’s one of the most important rooms in your house — where else can you claim you spent several hours in any given day literally every day without fail?

Despite this, there are people who will allow their bedroom to go untouched for years, never changing anything and why — because they think that nobody is going to step foot in it?

It’s a good idea to periodically paint your bedroom, and yet if you fall prey to one of a few simple to make mistakes, you may make for yourself a rather poor painting job.

Let’s look at five mistakes to avoid when painting a bedroom in St. Louis, MO.

1. Not Thinking Through The Color

One big mistake that people will make when they’re painting their bedroom is to not really put any thought into the color that is going to be used, or colors if you want — it’s entirely possible to make use of more than one color in a bedroom wall painting project.

Rather than just going with whatever color you had previously, it’s worth making the time to think about your favorite colors as well as what colors might well look good in the bedroom and considering those over what was already there.

2. Painting In The (Relative) Dark

The craft of painting surfaces, be they exterior surfaces in your home or even interior surfaces requires care in how the painting is done.

In terms of painting the interior of your home, one problem that may arise is if you just don’t have enough light in order to paint — and this doesn’t mean just a couple of good lamps in the room though they certainly are a good start.

Ideally you are going to want stronger light for the area being painted, as being able to see it well will allow you to spot any flaws in the painting before they have time to set.

3. Not Protecting The Floor

During the painting process, you will almost always have some kind of paint dripping down off of your paintbrush while you are painting, or even from the tools that you use to store the tool while you are painting.

The thing to bear in mind is that if you allow paint to fall onto the floor, it is going to be extremely difficult to remove said paint.

If however you make use of a good quality drop cloth, all you will have to do is to remove the drop cloth once you have finished painting and you’ll be able to call it a day as it were.

4. Skipping The Primer

When you are painting the surface of your bedroom walls, you have to make sure that the surface being painted is as smooth as possible.

One thing that is a superior way to get that kind of smooth surface is to make use of primer — it makes for an adhesive surface that is smooth.

5. Not Allowing Surfaces To Dry

Lastly, you have to make sure that any given surface that you are working with in your bedroom is fully dry before you make the move to the next step in the process.

For example, once you are finished cleaning the walls, you can’t start looking at applying primer to them before they are fully dry because if you do not do so, you will have major painting issues later on.

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