Cabinet Coating (our Cabinet Coating service is currently suspended)

Cabinet refinishing can ultimately change the entire atmosphere of you kitchen or bathroom. When cabinets are newly finished, they look great, but as time goes by they can start to chip or peel if not done right. Touching up the chipped area usually does not look right. So the best course of action is finishing them with the least chance that they will chip. At Selah Painting, we use a process that gives your cabinet paint job the best durability possible.

Several steps can be taken to ensure durability and pleasing aesthetics. Cleaning them and using the correct finish is paramount to durability. We clean them with denatured alcohol or another solution (depending on the need). Next, we take the extra step of spraying them with a lacquer based, vinyl primer. This step gives the best adhesion to your existing finish. This primer has two advantages. The first is that it adheres really well to your existing factory finish. Oil, acrylic and shellac primers are NOT as strong as this primer. The next advantage is that it blocks existing stains better than oil or shellac. These stains are from water, cooking, markers, scuffs, etc. Vinyl primer seals out these stains better than any other product.

After the vinyl primer is applied, we then finish them with a high quality lacquer finish. Typically we use M.L. Campbell EnviroMax™. This is the same product used by professional factory cabinet finishers. EnviroMax™ was developed using M.L. Campbell® solvent borne breakthrough Clean Cure™ Technology. This exceptional technology platform provides an acid cure formaldehyde free amino-alkyd pre-catalyzed lacquer that is both low odor and HAPs free helping to create a safer work environment. This self-sealing system applies and sands easily, provides UV protection, cures at normal ambient temperature and dries to a smooth touch finish. EnviroMax offers the convenience and user-friendly features of pre-catalyzed lacquer while providing the high durability and performance of a post-cat. EnviroMax was specifically formulated to eliminate formaldehyde off gassing concerns from acid cure coatings on commercial and residential projects. It is GreenGuard® Certified. Lacquers are far more superior than alkyds and acrylics for cabinets.

To ensure the aesthetics of your cabinets are of the utmost in beauty, we spray them using an HVLP spray system. This provides a smooth finish absent of roller marks and brush strokes. Eric, Selah Painting’s cabinet finisher, was the the lead finisher at a reputable cabinet finishing factory here in the St. Louis area for several years, before joining us. He takes pride in what he does and loves refinishing cabinets.

Our Cabinet Finishing Process Include:

  • Clean with the proper solution
  • Remove the doors, hinges, handles
  • Repair the handle holes if they are being replaced with new ones of a different size and shape
  • Mask off the inside of the cabinets and surrounding walls, ceilings, backsplashes, etc
  • Apply the lacquer based vinyl primer over the entire cabinet surface
  • Lightly sand
  • Apply the top-of-the-line lacquer in Satin finish
  • Reassemble your cabinets for you to enjoy