Painting Brick/Stone

Painting brick and stone can truly reform your exterior. Transforming the look of ordinary brick into an aesthetically attractive paint job. It affords the opportunity to choose any color scheme you desire. However, paint and brick do not get along after so many years. Painting an ordinary exterior paint over brick is setting the substrate up for failure down the road. A quality paint made for brick is the best solution.

At Selah Painting, we use Sherwin Williams Loxon® products or PPG Perma-Crete®. These products have been specially formulated for use in harsh weather climates, feature strong mildew resistance, and defend against high alkalinity and efflorescence. They adhere better to brick and stone because they were made specifically for that purpose.

First thing to do is SELECT YOUR COLORS. Please be sure to have your colors selected for your project two to three days prior to our start date. Email the brand, color name and number to us at Some paint products that we use made for brick do not come in darker colors. If you are thinking about a darker color, please verify it with us prior to starting your project.
All areas are protected with drop cloths and plastic and the work areas will be cleaned and equipment put away at the end of each work day. 

Our Brick/Stone Painting Services Include:

  • Powerwashing- Your project is powerwashed to remove all the dirt, mold and grime that adversely affects the adhesion of your new paint. 
  • Primer Coat (optional)- Your brick can be primed with the Loxon or Perma-Crete primer tinted to the finish color. This primer coat covers the entire surface and will adhere to the brick, giving you the most longevity from your paint job, however, the added benefit may not be enough to justify the extra cost as the finish products we use are self-priming on brick. The choice is up to you.
  • Finish Paint (2 Coats)- The final step is applying the top-of-the-line Loxon or Perma-Crete paint. This a far superior solution than ordinary exterior paint and primers.

​We take preparing and painting your exterior brick/stone seriously. If it is not done right, it can cause premature peeling and be an expensive problem down the road.