Selah Crack Repair

Cracks on walls and ceilings can be difficult to control. Small hairline cracks are usually not a problem, but the bigger, more noticeable ones can be. Sometimes they can be fixed several times, only to return again. Sometimes there is an underlying bigger problem that causes the crack to keep coming back. But usually they can be repaired so that they either never return again or don’t return for a long time. The process we use to repair these cracks and to keep them from returning for as long as possible is called  “Selah Crack Repair”.

The Selah Crack Repair uses a unique technique and product to achieve this repair. Most cracks can be repaired and never return. Sometimes they don’t return for years. Other times, some cracks will keep returning know matter what we do. In that case, it is usually caused by a bigger, underlying problem such as the way the house was built, what it was built with, shifting foundations, dampness, extreme temperature in your attic without proper ventilation, etc. (For more about possible reasons for cracks, click HERE. Therefore, not all cracks can be repaired to the point of not returning until the underlying problem is resolved. That is usually too expensive to justify. But as was said before, most cracks can be fixed using the Selah Crack Repair process without returning. 

This process involves a few tricks that many paint companies aren’t aware of. Our standard repair, along with other contractors, is to open up the crack with a carpenters blade, place mesh or paper tape over the crack and use drywall mud to make it smooth. With a bad crack, this is not enough. The crack returns. Maybe a week later, maybe a month or two later. But the Selah Crack Repair system uses rubberized materials that stretches with the crack. It expands with the crack as it tries to reopen.

The Selah Crack Repair is more expensive than the standard method of repairing. This service is an upcharge from that.