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Simple Steps for Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Paint in St. Louis, MO

Simple Steps for Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Paint in St. Louis, MO

Your home exterior is one of if not the largest surface that needs to be painted and given that you generally don’t paint only part of the home exterior and then wait a really long time to paint the remainder.

However, the good thing to know is that when you make the time to prepare to paint your home exterior, you’re going to find that the painting process is easier.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some simple steps for preparing your home’s exterior for paint when you want a well painted home.

1. Clean Your Home’s Exterior Well

One important thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re painting the exterior of your home is to make sure that you have cleaned it well.

This is important not just because you want the primer and the paint to adhere to the surfaces quite well, but you generally don’t want your home to have the appearance of paint that was applied to dirty walls.

Be sure to allow time after you’ve cleaned your home exterior for it to dry so that you don’t apply primer to wet walls, which would cause painting issues.

2. Check For Mold Everywhere It Could Be

One of the most insidious and destructive forces when it comes to painting your home exterior is that of mold, and if you find any mold on your home you are going to want to take any measure you can to eliminate it.

The issue with mold is that if you just try to cover it up you will see it return and then once you take the steps to eliminate it, you will find that you are going to have to paint all over again — so you may as well just remove it while you are preparing to paint in the first place.

The good thing about removing mold is that you are going to find that by removing it you are not only making for a better paint job but you are helping with better health all around as mold is typically quite unhealthy for those in its area.

3. Cover Your Well Watered Plants

As you can imagine, you aren’t going to want to get any paint on your plants and therefore during the painting process it’s a good idea to cover your plants.

However you don’t want to keep your plants covered without watering them at all and so depending on how long your project is, you will want to water them before you cover them.

If you find that the project goes on for awhile you may want to schedule it so that you uncover the plants while you are not actively painting the house.

4. Make A Pet Plan

It’s an important thing to make some kind of pet plan and if you aren’t able to keep the pets just indoors while you are painting, there needs to be some kind of strategy to keep your painting project safe.

It should be pretty obvious that a dog running around the area when you are painting the exterior of your house is going to be a bit of a hazardous situation and possibly one that will make quite a bit of a mess for you.

Whether it means that your dog or outdoor pet is going to have to go stay with a friend for a while or another solution, don’t just leave it to chance or you may find that you have a pet and house covered in paint in all the wrong places!

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