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7 Tips and Tricks to Painting Your Living Room in St. Louis, MO

7 Tips and Tricks to Painting Your Living Room in St. Louis, MO

The living room can be one of the most frequently visited rooms in your home.

Making sure that it looks its best, therefore, is of the utmost importance when you are choosing where you might want to paint in your home.

One way you can improve the quality of your living room is by painting it — you can make sure it has a nice, fresh appearance and go over any old blemishes that may have accumulated over time.

Here are seven tips and tricks for painting your living room in St. Louis, MO.

  1. Choose a Paint Color That’s Right For You

Since you will spend as much time as you will be in the living room, the walls should be painted a color that is aesthetically pleasing for your eyes, not just what is trending or popular that month.

What might be a nice color for some might be not so great for others, so carefully choose a paint color ideal for your own preferences.

You can tell the people working at the place where you purchase your living room paint about your general preferences and they can help you pick a color or colors that would work best for you.

If you share the space with other people, it is best to come to some compromise, so that everyone enjoys the living room space.

2. Add A Contrasting Border To Add Variety

There is something to be said about the idea of two colors that contrast one another.

A red wall, for example, that has a blue border that runs all along it — the red catches your eye when you see it and then you notice the blue.

In some ways, it’s almost like you’re getting the best of both without having to sacrifice double the wall space.

A contrasting border that flows along your wall is an easy way to add a second color to your wall space.

3. Make Sure You Have The Right Finish

It’s not just the color of the paint that matters, it often is the finish of the paint that will make a big difference as well when it comes to how your living room looks.

Some say that an eggshell finish has a sort of refined or elegant look to it.

Perhaps that sort of finish would be right for you if you frequently have cocktail parties with tuxedo dressed guests.

A satin finish could be more preferable for a less formal setting, like if you frequently find yourself sitting on the couch watching silly movies in your pajamas.

There is of course nothing wrong with that — but why make your living room look so formal if you’ve got nothing formal going on?

4. Move Out All The Furniture Prior To Painting

To some people, this is the most patently obvious thing in the world, but it most assuredly is not.

Plenty of people will do their full living room paint job and just maneuver around all of their furniture and then wonder why there are so many paint stains where should be none.

To avoid a disaster, take all of your furniture, even the small pieces, entirely out of your living room for the duration of the paint job.

You should even remove the electrical covers and the screws that keep them in and put them in some sort of well-labeled storage system so that you know to put it back when the time comes.

5. Make Sure To Test The Paint Color

You go to the paint store and pick out what you think has got to be the perfect paint color for your living room walls.

The problem is that when you get home and paint your walls, it looks nothing like what it did in the store, and you hate it and wish it were another color.

Only… you just spent a couple of hundred dollars on paint and countless hours painting your walls to get to this realization.

Save yourself all this upset by testing the paint color in your home.

You can paint a small area of the wall and see how it looks and at that point either commit to the paint or perhaps realize that you need to switch to another.

6. Use White As A Backdrop For A Creative Pattern

White paint on the wall might seem like a terrible choice, creatively speaking, but if you look at it right it can be the perfect start to a uniquely painted living room.

Start with the plain white background and then take other colors or even just one good strong color and apply using a pattern or design.

You can get a lot out of a seemingly plain background if you find the right pattern to go on top of it.

7. Don’t Forget To Protect That Which Won’t Be Painted!

It’s only the walls of the living room and possibly the ceiling if that’s your interest, that is being painted.

Before you start painting, make sure you have enough protection in the form of drop cloths and canvas that can protect the floor from any source of dripping paint.

After all, it’s a lot easier to clean up or dispose of a cloth than to try to get paint off of the floor.

At Selah Painting, we help you choose the best type of paint and color for your project at no extra cost.

We also take the proper steps to ensure that your interior lasts as long as possible.

There are unique steps and processes that we take, which most other painting contractors don’t want to take the time to perform. 

We would love the opportunity to be your go-to interior painter in St. Louis, MO. Call us at 314-582-5272 to book a FREE estimate, and let us help you enhance the interior of your home so you can focus on other things.

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