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How to Prepare Your House for Interior Painting in St. Louis, MO

Interior painting is a cost-effective and high-impact home renovation project for any homeowner looking for a new, fresh look. If you have a planned interior painting project in St. Louis, MO, adequate preparation can mean the difference between a flawless paint job and a colorful mess. 

Inadequate preparation often leads to delayed timelines, paint splatters and drips, costly mistakes, inadequate paint coverage, and premature paint failure.

To avoid unnecessary delays and ensure a high-quality, successful paint job, consider the following prep recommendations:

Remove the Hangings

Many people forget to take down the hangings before painting, while others think that painting around them will save them time. In fact, leaving them in place will slow down the process while putting them at risk of damage. Once you have removed them, ensure their safety by using storage bins and bubble wraps.

Remove the Furniture

Professional painters like those at Selah Painting do not bump into chairs and tables while they work. That is because they take the time to remove and organize all the furniture and other items that may be in the way. Similarly, you must remove the furniture to avoid messy accidents and injuries. Designate an empty room for storage of your furniture, appliances and other valuables, or put them in the middle of the room where you’re less likely to stumble on them. 

Cover Your Floor

If you have a hardwood floor, you know that taking care of it can be difficult. Don’t make it worse by dripping and splattering paint on it because scrubbing paint off your furniture is not my idea of fun… Fortunately, you can avoid additional problems by covering your items. Cover your floor, preferably with a heavy canvas material before you start painting. Plastic sheets can also work, but they tend to be slippery when wet, so you need to be careful if you’re using those. 

Clean the Walls

Painting a wall without adequate prep work is a common DIY painting mistake. For most interior painting projects, preparing the walls for painting can be as easy as cleaning them. Use a solution of water and a little detergent to remove stains that may want to ruin your paint job. 

If they are strongly stained, you will need to start with a primer before applying paint. It is also important that you let the walls dry before you apply the paint. Generally, painting on dirty or wet surfaces usually leads to paint peeling, bubbling, and cracking with a few months of painting. Besides, your results will be anything but flattering. 

Designate a Working Area

You do not have to keep all the paint in the room where you work. Mixing and even pouring into containers will lead to overflow, and this can quickly become messy. 

Instead, set up a working area, preferably just outside the room. This will save you time as you will be able to keep all the tools in one place while keeping your work site clear.

The Bottom Line 

By taking the time to prepare a room before painting it, you make the whole process much easier and achieve high-quality, flawless results. Therefore, take the time to consider these preparations for the best results and, if in doubt, consider consulting a professional painting contractor. 

If you haven’t identified a reliable painting contractor yet, Selah Painting would love the opportunity to be your go-to interior painter in St. Louis, MO. Call us at 314-207-0185 to book a FREE estimate, and let us help you enhance the interior of your home because you have better ways to spend your weekend.

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