8 Paint Color Ideas to Consider in St. Louis, MO

The paint colors you choose for your home can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home and so it is of utmost importance that you carefully consider what paint colors to use in St. Louis, MO.

With so many colors from which to choose, it can get a bit overwhelming and leave you unsure what would be a good selection but the truth is that it really depends on a number of circumstances.

Where you live, what kind of furniture you have, and even the kind of home you have can have an impact on the best color choices for your home.

Presented here for your consideration are eight paint colors for you to consider in St. Louis, MO.

1.Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is a color that brings light into your living space.

It is like the sun and sets a sort of cheerful mood in whichever room you use it, and can even do great things to your front door.

The front door being pale yellow might be a good idea to consider if you would like to make that the mood that is set upon people first entering your home.

Color theory tells us that yellow is the first color that the eye sees, and that most often it is the brightest.

On the other hand, even though some would say that pale yellow might not be the best color for an entire wall, it can be used for highlights.

2.Many Shades of White

When people think about painting a room white, they often feel like they are just giving up and painting the room the most dull choice of them all.

This is not the case, and when you look at the options out there you will find that there is more than just one choice that falls under the color name white.

White Dove, for example, is a paint choice that comes from Benjamin Moore, and has a soft feel to it, almost like a softer version of white.

Chantilly Lace, on the other hand, is also a shade of white from Benjamin Moore but is considerably cooler and more crisp.

3.Lavender Mist

Lavender mist might be just the thing you need to bring a room to life.

The color might evoke the strong scent of the flower, and bring a smile to those that enjoy it.

4.Ocean Blue

The blue of the ocean can make for a beautiful interior color, bringing forth the sense of being on a spectacular vacation while being at home.

You might be tempted to put a shell to your ear so that you can try to hear the ocean when you sit in such a room.

5.Pretty in Pink

There are many things that come to mind when one thinks of the color.

The most immediate one of course is the classic film by the late John Hughes, Pretty in Pink.

There is also the notion that pink is a color for girls and that blue is a color for boys, but that has not always been the case.

Of course, depending on the shade of pink you can also evoke a certain Miami in the 1980’s feel and remind people of the set of an episode of The Golden Girls.

6.Peachy Keen

Peach is a fantastically bright color that is about as colorful as pink but considered by some to be a little less feminine, if you want to go by that color theory.

7.Back in Black

Black might seem to some to be the most somber color that a person could choose but in many cases it is just the thing to tie together a room.

The color black can tend to bring together various elements.

8.Green (not with envy)

Green is the color of grass and is also called the color of envy but for the purposes of painting a home it is more the nature that comes to mind.

Green brings a lovely natural feel to any room in which you bring it.

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