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Basement Painting Tips To Know In St. Louis, MO

Basement Painting Tips To Know In St. Louis, MO

In the pursuit of a well painted basement, you may think about how decorating would be a good thing to do — and it is.

However, something as simple as painting the walls of your basement can also radically transform what was a rather dark and unpleasant room into a much more fun place to visit and be.

It’s well worth making the time to learn about what you can do in terms of painting to improve upon your basement through painting.

With that being the case, let’s look at some basement painting tips to know when you want to have a well painted basement.

1. Ventilate Properly

One thing that’s going to be a concerning matter when you are making your basement look better via a painting project is to be sure that you have ventilated the space where you are painting correctly.

This means that you are going to have to be sure that you have some kind of airflow going on with the painting space, which may be more easily accomplished if you have windows in the basement itself.

Even in the absence of windows, you can get good ventilation for your basement if you open up the door going into the room and perhaps make sure that you have some sort of exhaust fan to get the unpleasant air out of the room.

This is important not just because you want to have a nicer smelling room over time but as you are painting you want the room to be safer for you.

2. Use Brighter Colors

It’s entirely possible that when you are making up the plans for your room, you are thinking that you are going to spend a good amount of time playing the classic tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons or a similar game — and if that’s the case, darker colors might be just what the doctor (not Pepper) ordered!

However generally speaking you want your basement to be a bit brighter in nature, and so you are going to want to make use of colors that are brighter as they bring their own sort of light into the room and make for an overall more pleasant place to be.

The choice in exactly what color you are going to use is not as important as making use of a color that makes you smile when you see it and that is going to enhance your experience of spending time in the room.

Of course, you can do well by applying small samples of the paints you think you will like to the wall and see how they will look in the room before committing to a color or two.

3. Clean Thoroughly

One might be forgiven for thinking that since they are painting in a basement, it’s not really worth making the time to clean before you paint the walls of your basement.

However, in this case, this kind of oversight can lead to your not having a well painted basement and in many cases is just going to have you looking like you just painted over dirty walls — the dirt might even be seen as a sort of texture on your walls, which nobody is going to want to see given how uneven and unpleasant it’s going to be.

What you should do instead is to make the time to clean the walls thoroughly — and the longer it has been since they were cleaned, the more difficult it is going to be and even if that means scrubbing your walls with wet sponges or cloths it is well worth it to be sure that you are ultimately going to be painting clean walls, not walls with thick layers of dust and grime on them.

Ensure that time passes so that the walls are dry before you continue as you do not want to paint wet walls.

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