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Incorporating Color Psychology into Your Home’s Interior in St. Louis, MO

Incorporating Color Psychology into Your Home’s Interior in St. Louis, MO

When you’re looking to improve your home interior by painting, a lot of things might motivate the color or colors that you choose, and the idea of color psychology can be one of them.

Color psychology teaches us that the colors that surround us have an influence on us and drive us (but can also deplete us) depending on what colors we choose.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks for incorporating color psychology into your home’s interior

1. Calm Bedrooms

One place that would be good for color psychology is the bedroom, where we typically want to make an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing.

There are a number of colors that are more on the calming spectrum than others and it would be a good idea to look into making use of one of these colors rather than a color that is a bit more full of pep and the like — not the atmosphere one should be inducing when one is trying to go to sleep.

For this reason you’re going to want to look at colors such as light blue and perhaps even lavender as these are more calming colors for a bedroom and helpful to get you to sleep.

2. Inviting Living Room

When you’re making up a living room, you have in mind a sort of room that’s going to be inviting for people, that will make them feel welcome.

A good earthy tone is going to be just the sort of thing that will help you accomplish this, whether this is by a warm brown or a terracotta sort of color or even a deep red.

By making use of these sorts of colors you will create just the sort of embracing environment in which your friends and family will feel welcome and have a good place to visit.

3. Bright Kid’s Play Rooms

If you’re going to have something like a kid’s play room, you may as well have the kind of room where your kid or kids (as well as their friends) are going to be able to exert quite a bit of energy and play and have fun, right?

You should make use of colors like bright green and orange and similar colors on the color wheel (you can even find online color wheels that can help you match the kid of moods that you’re looking to add to a room) as these will help with your kid’s play room in a number of ways.

It’s going to be quite a lot more pleasant for your kid or kids as they are having fun in the play room with the right sort of color or colors that will bring energy to the room.

4. Peppy Home Office

You are going to want to have an office that has a bit of pep in it, so to speak, not a dull or boring atmosphere as you are going to be working in it — so the color or colors that you add to the walls should have that sort of feel to it.

The color green, for example, is well associated with a sense of balance and concentration, both of which are going to be welcome in an office where you want to be properly productive during your time of work.

Yellow, on the other hand, is going to be the sort of color that will help you to stimulate mental activity, which naturally will be quite a useful thing in the context of a home office.

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