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Mistakes To Avoid Painting Over Wallpaper In St. Louis, MO

Mistakes To Avoid Painting Over Wallpaper In St. Louis, MO

You will sometimes need to paint over wallpaper — it’s not always so easy to remove wallpaper in a room and in some cases even trying to remove the wallpaper can do quite a lot of damage to the walls.

However, what some people don’t realize is that when you are painting over wallpaper, it’s important to also avoid doing some fairly easy to make mistakes — the kind that can lead your one of your interior rooms to look like it was attacked by someone with a paintbrush and no knowledge of how to use it!

As this is the case, let’s have a look at some mistakes to avoid painting over wallpaper when you want a well painted interior room.

1. Not Cleaning The Wallpaper

A major mistake that people will sometimes make when they’re looking to paint over wallpaper is to just not clean the wallpaper at all prior to painting.

You may think that just slapping some paint on your wallpaper will hide any dirt or grime that may have accumulated there over time, but this isn’t the case.

Indeed, painting over wallpaper is not going to hide dirty any better than trying to lay a rug over a really bumpy floor would make those big bumps disappear — you have to clean the wallpaper and allow it to fully dry before you move onto the next part of the painting process.

2. Not Covering Your Floor

Though you’re going to be painting the wall, you nevertheless need to cover the floor near the walls, perhaps even covering a bit more than enough space for you to walk around the room.

The reason that this is the case is that as you apply paint to your wallpaper, it has a tendency to drip and even the paint from your paintbrush while you are moving around from one part of the room to the other can sometimes fall to the floor.

The time that it takes to clean your floor after a good amount of paint has fallen onto it (if it’s even possible to clean the paint off of the particular surface onto which it has fallen) is significantly greater than the time you would need to lay down a good drop cloth onto the floor which would properly protect the floor.

Look out for a heavier drop cloth that won’t move around as you are walking and be sure that it will not allow paint to go through it.

3. Painting Too Quickly

If you’re going to be painting your interior rooms with wallpaper and you go too quickly, you are likely to make some significant mistakes along the way.

When you paint too quickly, you may apply the paint or primer too thick (or thin, even!) and this is not the kind of thing that can be so easily corrected.

You could also find yourself not waiting long enough for the surfaces that you have painted or applied primer, and when you try to apply a new coat over a coat that has not dried you will find that the previous coat will actually come off onto your paintbrush or roller.

Allow time for your primer or paint to fully dry and you will find that your painting project looks much better when it has finished.

4. Being Too Rough In Paint Application

When you are applying paint to your walls, or even primer, you have to be gentle in the application and not press too hard.

This is not like when you are applying paint or primer to walls that have no wallpaper — it is precisely the wallpaper being there that will make it so important to be gentle as you can cause damage to the wallpaper, which will ultimately lead to an uneven surface for your painting project.

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