Kitchen Painting Prep: Tricks To Make The Job Easier

Kitchen Painting Prep: Tricks To Make The Job Easier In St. Louis, MO

Kitchen Painting Prep: Tricks To Make The Job Easier In St. Louis, MO

You may think of a kitchen painting job as one of the more complicated ones with all of the things that have to be done — and this is not to speak of even the preparations that should be done before the paintwork begins.

Indeed, when you make the time to prepare before you have started to paint, you will find that the paintwork you do afterward is going to be considerably easier for you.

We will go over some of these tricks for the preparation that will be quite useful for the painting project.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some kitchen painting prep tricks that will make your painting job easier and ultimately make for a better looking kitchen.

1. Remove Furniture

An important thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re getting ready to paint your kitchen is to remove as much of the kitchen as is feasible from the room where the paintwork will take place.

Doing this will not only make it easier for you to get the painting done in an uninterrupted manner but it will greatly reduce the chances that you’re going to end up with paint or primer on the furniture, which is rather an unpleasant thing to get on the furniture — especially given how difficult it is to remove.

Though sometimes it’s not quite possible to remove furniture from a room, you may be able to get it away from the walls being painted and then covered in a tarp to eliminate any possibility of getting paint on it..

2. Clean The Walls

Another key preparatory tip for your kitchen painting project is to fully clean the walls that are going to be painted well before you start painting them.

It’s quite unpleasant when you try to paint over a dirty surface — it’s almost evident immediately when you have kitchen walls that are dirty and just have paint over them.

It’s far better to first clean the walls that are to be painted and then let them dry — you will find that they look a lot better and you also will have primer and paint that are applied more quickly to the surface.

3. Cover The Floors

As careful as you may want to be when you’re painting your kitchen walls, there’s almost no way to paint without causing some kind of drippage to occur, whether that means that paint drips down as you are painting or spills from the tray holding the paint.

It’s therefore important to make sure that you lay down some tarp or drop cloth on the floor where you’re going to be painting to ensure that you don’t get paint on the floor — unless your goal is to make your kitchen floor look a bit look like an abstract bit of art.

Aim to get something on the floor that won’t move around a lot but also consider something that is heavy and thick and will absorb the paint better.

4. Choose The Right Colors

Before you even think about starting to paint you should have a paint color or colors in mind, though of course if you are painting just to freshen up the look of the room this will be a lot easier.

Look around the room and think about what you have there and based on that make choices on what you are going to be using for a paint color or paint colors — what will go with the colors in the room versus what will contrast?

The important thing to know here is that you can far more easily make use of a few small containers of paint to see how the paint will look in your kitchen than trying to go off of paint strips or how the paint may look in the store.

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