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Family Room Accent Wall Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

Family Room Accent Wall Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

In working on your family room, you may consider how good an accent wall will be for adding a nice look to the room.

However, one thing that people frequently don’t take into consideration when they’re making up an accent wall in a room such as the family room is the extent to which mistakes can really throw off their painting project,

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some family room accent wall painting mistakes to avoid when you are trying to make up a good looking accent wall.

1. Using A Similar Color

One thing that is definitely a mistake when you’re looking to paint an accent wall in your family room is using a color that is similar to the other walls in the room.

In case you weren’t aware, one of the chief thing that makes an accent wall what it is… is the fact that the wall stands out from the other walls in the room in some meaningful manner.

If you’re trying to do this by painting, you need to make use of a paint that is a contrasting color because otherwise the color will not fundamentally stand out in any way.

2. Not Cleaning The Wall

As you are going to be painting the wall, you may look at the wall before you get started and think that you’re just going to be able to apply paint to it and call it a day — this is not the case, unfortunately.

If you paint a dirty wall, the only thing you’re going to be left with is a wall that is quite dirty still and now has a coat of paint on top of it — and this looks much worse than a wall that is just dirty.

The thing that you have to do is to first thoroughly clean the wall and then allow it to dry (more on this next) and then you can move onto the next step in the painting process, knowing that you aren’t going to be left with a wall that looks dirty with paint on top of it.

3. Not Letting Surfaces Dry

Speaking of letting the surface dry, this is a key step in painting your walls – whenever you are going to be doing anything to the wall that will get it wet at all, you then have to make sure that you let it dry before you move on.

If you try to apply primer to a surface that is wet, you are going to get some of the worst painting problems that exist including bubbling, which is when you see bubbles on the surface of the dried paint that can then easily burst and leave scarring on your walls.

What you’re going to want to do is to always make sure that your surfaces dry before you continue with your project.

4. Leaving Furniture Near The Wall

If you are painting and you have furniture near the wall, you are going to run into a couple of issues, in one case quite literally.

The issue with furniture so close to the wall is that you are going to have a harder time maneuvering around said furniture — and on top of that you may accidentally get paint or primer on it.

The best thing is if you can’t remove the furniture from the room is to get it as far away from the wall to be painted and lay a tarp atop it so that it doesn’t get paint on it.

5. Not Using Primer

Lastly, remember that primer comes before paint — and there’s a good reason for this.

On top of making the paint easier to apply, you will find that the primer helps the paint to stay on longer — and the longer it stays on, the longer it will be until you have to paint again, which makes for an overall cheaper painting project that still looks good.

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