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Hallway Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

Hallway Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

Your hallway is an important part of your home and as such should be periodically painted so that it looks its best.

One thing you’re going to want to be aware of is the fact that there is the possibility of mess whenever you’re engaging in a painting project — but there are things that you can do to prevent some of the possible messes.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for hallway painting with less mess that will leave you with a good looking hallway.

1. Measure The Areas Being Painted

One of the things that tend to happen when people are painting their hallways is that they don’t have a good idea of how much there is to be painted, meaning that they don’t get any information on how much paint and primer they need — and sometimes they’ll get too little.

This leads to people being a little too careful with the paint that they have an oddly this can mean that they are a bit more likely to make a mess — but all of this can be prevented if you make the time to measure the surfaces before you paint.

Doing this will also help you with your budget in that you’re not going to accidentally buy too much paint and spend more money than necessary on paint that’s just going to ultimately sit in a supply closet being unused.

2. Use a Protective Drop Cloth

As you’re going to be painting the walls of your hallway, you should think about the paint and the way that it is going to drip down while you paint — as well as the paint in the paint tray that can sometimes fall during the painting process.

There are some who will put down a tarp in their hall while they are painting, and this will certainly work to some extent but a heavy drop cloth may well be better for your hallway painting project.

This could be because of the way that a heavy drop cloth won’t move around as much while you’re walking, which could make for a more protected floor.

3. Stir Paint Inside A Disposable Bag

Firstly, you’re going to want to make sure that you are stirring paint and not trying to shake it up as the shaking of paint is best done by a professional paint machine and not a person at home trying to get their paint well mixed.

As stirring your paint is better for your paint than trying to shake it (shaking it will introduce bubbles into the paint, which you will then see in your paint) you should also ensure that your technique for stirring your paint is as neat as possible — and this means you should do the stirring in a disposable bag if possible.

Stirring in the bag means that if there is any paint that splashes out of the can, it will land only in the bag and not outside of it where it could land on surfaces that might not even be covered — and it’s not worth that kind of mess that is so much more difficult to clean and time consuming than if you just make the time to put the bucket in the bag first.

4. Put Decorations Elsewhere

As good as it is to remove the decorations that you have on the wall (and this is pretty much a must for painting) you shouldn’t try to keep them in the hallway, for perhaps a fear of losing them or misplacing them.

The fewer things you have taking up space in the hallway, the less likely that you are going to stumble over one of them and make a mess — and of course, the less likely that you will get paint on the things themselves.

Remove these decorations and set them aside in a designated location so that once you have finished painting and everything is dry, you can put it all back nicely.

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