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Kitchen Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

Kitchen Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

When you are making your kitchen look better in a number of ways, one being the painting of course, you may think about how your kitchen would improve by painting the walls or even the cabinets… but what about the ceiling?

However, there are certain mistakes that a person might make in the course of painting their ceiling that would cause the painting project to not go as well as it could — and might even cost you more money than you would otherwise need to pay.

Let’s have a look at some kitchen ceiling painting mistakes to avoid when you want to have a well painted kitchen ceiling.

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

One of the mistakes that you can easily make when you are looking to paint your kitchen ceiling is to make use of the wrong paint.

Of course, to start with you are going to have to make use of a paint that is meant for interior painting rather than exterior painting — this makes sense from a number of points of view.

You’re going to want to make use of a paint that is going to have minimal dripping, as this will make for a rather messy painting project if you just go with a paint that has the standard amount of dripping that paint will have — and yet you will, of course have to protect your floors with a drop cloth as we will mention next.

2. Not Protecting Your Floor

When it comes to painting your ceiling, you have to have your floor in mind as well because even just one or two drops of paint are going to make for quite a mess — and that’s not one that you’re going to be so easily able to clean.

A better thing to do is to lay down some drop cloth on the floor — it will help to protect the floor from the dripping paint and since it is relatively heavy in weight it will be less likely to slide around the floor, exposing it to dripping paint.

When you are looking at taking on a painting project such as the ceiling of your kitchen, start off by cleaning the floor and then apply a drop cloth so that dust and paint and the like won’t get on the clean floor.

3. Limiting Yourself In Color

When you’re painting your kitchen ceiling, it’s quite possible that you’re going to look up there and think that your kitchen ceiling should basically be the same color that most people use, which is a rather pale white or some variation of it — perhaps an eggshell.

The issue is that you’re limiting yourself based on something that doesn’t have to necessarily limit you — and you can just make use of just about any color that you like, though of course it would help you if you have a good look around at the walls in the room and make sure that the ceiling color looks good with those colors.

By making use of a more creative color or even colors for your kitchen, you will find that your kitchen will look that much better.

4. Not Planning The Painting Project

Lastly, bear in mind that when you are going to be painting something as ambitious as your kitchen ceiling, it’s important that you make a plan for the project and not just dive into it without any sense of what you are going to do first.

Ideally, you are going to want to measure the surface that is going to be painted and then identify the sort of paint and primer that you will want to use for the project.

You can then make a full plan for the project, knowing that you will be able to figure out when to paint and when to allow your surface to dry.

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