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Home Office Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

Home Office Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

In the last couple of years, you may have noticed an uptick in how many people are working remotely, from remote work office situations or home offices.

However, while you may have rushed to start working remotely you may now be looking at improving the look of your remote office, and to do this perhaps you might want to paint.

The issue that a lot of people have when they are painting their home office is that it is sometimes possible to make a bit of a mess during the process.

The good thing to know is that there are things that you can do to reduce or entirely eliminate the mess that is made while you paint your home office.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for reducing the mess you make while you are painting your home office.

1. Cover Surfaces With Drop Cloth

One of the most simple yet often ignored bits of advice that we can offer you in this article is that when you are painting your home office, you should make use of drop cloth that covers surfaces nearby where you are painting.

Doing this will ensure that paint does not get through to your floor, which you can probably imagine is a lot more difficult to clean than the time that it takes to lay down some drop cloth.

It’s quite important that you inspect the drop cloth and ensure that paint cannot get through it as if you just use a cloth without checking it you may be entirely wasting your time and money on a protective material.

2. Paint More Slowly

A key factor in getting your home office painted with less mess comes in the form of the pace at which you paint as well as all of the things that you need to do to prepare for painting.

In painting and preparing more slowly, you are less likely to do things that are going to get paint spilled, for example, or even paint to be applied incorrectly to surfaces — and that is a thing that can happen when you are trying to paint too quickly to get the paintwork done as quickly as possible.

In addition to necessitating the time for you to go back and correct the mistakes that you may well have made while you were painting too quickly, you are much more prone to make a bit of a mess in doing so.

3. Stir Paint, Do Not Shake

There are a couple of compelling reasons why you should stir the paint that you are using when you are painting your home office and that should convince you that it is the better way.

One is that if you shake your paint in an attempt to be like the paint stores that shake paint, you will find that you are not a professional paint shaker and you will end up adding bubbles to the paint mixture, the kind of bubbles that will be clearly visible even when the paint dries and that will make you regret the decision to shake every time you look at the finished wall.

Two is that by shaking, you are much more likely to cause a mess to occur in your painting area — even if you are careful and have drop cloth all laid out.

Bear in mind that when you are stirring your paint, you should do so in a disposable bag so that if you get a bit strong in your arm movement and some paint comes out of the bucket it will not go on the floor but rather in the bag in which you are stirring.

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