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Attic Painting Tips To Learn In St. Louis, MO

Attic Painting Tips To Learn In St. Louis, MO

When you have an attic, you may come to realize that this too needs to be occasionally painted.

The thing that some people don’t know is that just because you may be some of the only people going up to the attic, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it and leave it unpainted.

However, it is understandably a bit more difficult to paint your attic (especially if it is a bit smaller and more closed off) though if you have some good advice on your side you can get it done well.

Let’s have a look at some attic painting tips that you should learn for a better painted attic.

1. Use Quality Interior Paint

In any given painting project, the kind of paint that you use should be relevant to the kind of room that is going to be painted as well as where you are painting – the paint you use for your walls won’t be the type you use for your ceiling, for example.

In painting your attic, for example, you generally don’t have to think about how often you’re going to be cleaning the walls — as the storage area that most people use their attics, the walls generally don’t need a regular cleaning and so you can make use of flat paint for the walls.

The big difference between a flat paint and a glossier paint is that a flat paint will not be easy to clean – but it will do nicely in terms of hiding surface flaws that might make for a better looking wall.

2. Ventilate The Space Well

Any paint you use will have a strong scent to it, sometimes even fumes that come off as you are painting — that is why you see people wearing masks while they are painting (among other reasons.)

To keep a painting project safer, there should be some sort of airflow going on to remove these fumes while you are painting — otherwise, they will accumulate and make for an overall unpleasant painting environment.

If you can get a window or two open and have the door to the attic open as well, this can create a good amount of cross room air flow to properly ventilate it.

3. Paint During The Right Season

Though you are going to be painting the interior of your home, it still is important to pay attention to the weather and how it will affect your painting project.

Given that it is your attic being painted, you are going to want to avoid painting during the summertime as it can often get quite hot in the attic and this will have a negative impact on the time that it takes for paint to dry.

Look to paint during a more cool time of the year, but not so cool that it takes too long for the paint to dry (and therefore makes your paintwork look bad when it has finished drying… plus, why wait extra time for the paint to dry if you don’t need to do so?)

4. Creativity With Color Is Okay

In a room like your attic, you may not think that you have much of a choice as far as color goes — your attic needs to be a dull white or gray, right?

This is not the case at all and you can in fact make use of brighter colors if you would like — your imagination can run free in choosing the look of your attic in terms of the wall color.

If you want to have a purple attic, that is absolutely your right to have — and enjoy every day, if you so wish.

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