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Man Cave Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

Man Cave Painting With Less Mess In St. Louis, MO

In making your home look nicer, you might think about how you can possibly paint — either the walls of a room or even certain things you have in the room — cabinets, for example.

However, an issue that people often face when painting a room like a man cave is that they may make a mess in the process of doing so – and even though you may associate a man cave with chaos, this doesn’t mean you should make a big mess while you paint.

Given that there are things that you can do to decrease the mess you make, it’s worth learning about them so that you spend less time cleaning once you have finished painting.

Let’s have a look at some tips for man cave painting with less mess.

1. Removing Furniture As Best Possible

Though some people will associate the man cave with the furniture that dwells within it, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the furniture needs to stay there at all times.

The furniture that you have in the room is likely going to not only get in the way while you are trying to paint, but it will possibly get paint on it — and that is something you’re going to struggle to remove once it is on even if you do notice it quickly.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that you won’t be able to get the furniture all out – perhaps it will be too heavy for you to entirely remove or too large.

When this is the case you can at least get it away from the walls and then cover it with something like a tarp so that you won’t get any paint on it.

2. Lay Down Drop Cloth

A good thing to do when you’re trying to paint your man cave is to have a good look at the walls that you are going to be painting and come to realize that the floor near where you are painting also needs to be protected.

The best way to go about doing this is to lay down a heavy drop cloth which will not be likely to shift around while you are walking around the room — an important thing to be sure of.

An uncovered floor is one that is more likely to be stained — the kinds of stains that could come from paint dripping down from the wall or even the paint that can sometimes fall from your brush or paint tray.

Speaking of paint trays…

3. Paint From A Paint Tray

As you’re going to be applying paint to the wall, there are a couple of schools of thought as to how you are going to possibly get the paint from one part of your room to another.

There are some who would have you leave your paint in your paint bucket and just apply it to the walls from the bucket nearly directly — this is the most likely way that you are going to make a bit of a mess in your man cave as you are painting.

The better way to do it is to first put paint in a good paint tray — it is much less likely to spill when you have it in a tray and it is easier to apply to paint rollers and brushes that way as well.

The overall effect is that you’re going to have a less messy painting project if you first put the paint in a good paint tray.

4. Remove Outlet And Switch Covers

Lastly, you should remember that it’s best to entirely remove the outlet and switch covers and then put down painter’s tape where they were.

This is much easier than trying to cover the covers with tape and then have to get said tape off of the covers.

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