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Library Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

Library Painting Mistakes To Avoid In St. Louis, MO

A home library is something of which one should be quite proud — it houses a collection of books and possibly other things that are of exceptional quality and as such, the room should be painted accordingly.

However, in the process of trying to make your library look better by painting it, it’s entirely possible that you may make a mistake that could cost you extra — money or time — and these are the sorts of mistakes that can be avoided should you know about them.

Let’s have a look at some painting mistakes you should avoid if you want a well painted library.

1. Leaving All Of The Books Unprotected

One big mistake that people will sometimes make when they’re looking to paint their library is to simply leave all of their books unprotected.

They will do this on account of the fact that they are thinking that since they are only painting the walls of their library, there is no need to protect the books — this is not the case at all.

Not only do you run the risk of getting paint on the shelves when you don’t protect the books but you possibly will get paint on the books themselves – and that means that the books could well get ruined from a simple painting project.

Make the time to protect your books with tarps or the like and you will find that you paint with more confidence, not concerned that you will get paint on the books.

2. Using A Dull Color

In painting your home library, you may think that your only color choices are those that are rather subdued in nature, like shades of gray (even though there are quite a large number of them!)

The thing that you should remember is that you are free to make use of just about any color you like — it’s your library and you should appreciate the time that you spend in it including the color choice.

This means that if you want to have a disco green library, you should absolutely do so (though our advice would be that it might not be the best color choice!)

3. Not Using Primer

It’s entirely possible that you may want to get the painting of your library done as quickly as possible, and that is of course understandable.

However, when you want to have well painted library it’s important to make sure that you apply a coat of primer prior to the first coat of paint as it will help your paint go on more easily and also it will help keep it on longer.

Given how involved a painting project can take a bit of time and sometimes be costly, doing anything that will lengthen its life is a good thing.

4. Not Cleaning Before Painting

If you want to have a properly painted library, it’s quite important that you fully clean the surfaces that are going to be painted prior to starting with the steps of painting.

An unclean surface that gets paint on it is not going to look nearly as good as one that has been cleaned first — you can just imagine that if you paint over a dusty surface it is going to look like a dusty surface with paint on it.

The way that you avoid this is if you have cleaned the surface first and then make sure that you let time pass for the said surface to dry.

5. Not Sanding First

Lastly, remember that the more smooth your surface is painted, the more easily primer and then the paint will go on.

Gently sand the surface to be painted and then clean the sanding dust before you move on to the next step of the painting process.

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