Guest Room Ceiling Painting Tricks You Should Learn

Guest Room Ceiling Painting Tricks You Should Learn In St. Louis, MO

Guest Room Ceiling Painting Tricks You Should Learn In St. Louis, MO

In looking to improve your home, you may want to think about how you can make some of your rooms look nicer — and this can even extend to the room in which your guests stay when they visit you, better known as the guest room.

Out of all the ways you can possibly improve upon your guest room, the ceiling may be the last place you could think to look — and yet it’s also an important surface in the room and needs its own attention.

When you want to paint your guest room ceiling, there are certain key things that you can do to make it a better painted ceiling — and these are the very things we will be exploring today.

Let’s learn about some guest room ceiling painting tricks you should learn.

1. Using The Right Length Telescoping Paint Roller Handle

When you’re looking to paint the ceiling of your guest room you will need to be able to reach up with your paint roller to the ceiling and unless you happen to have very short ceilings or happen to be incredibly tall you only have two options for doing this.

One of these options is making use of a telescoping handle for the paint roller — but doing this means that you have to think about how tall the ceiling is and therefore how long of a handle you’re ultimately going to need.

The thing you want to be careful about here is to make sure that you’re not using too long of a handle — for if you do this, you’re going to have a lot of the handle in the base and that will make it a lot more difficult to walk around the room.

2. Remove Furniture

It’s important to have as much space as possible while you are painting your ceiling — and to ensure that you have enough space, it’s a good idea removing the furniture as best you can.

Doing this will also help you in another way in that you really can’t possibly get paint on furniture if you have removed it from the room beforehand.

Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that there are certain bits of furniture that just cannot be removed from the room or just are that much more difficult to remove from the room than it might seem worth it — and if that’s the case you can still do something with the furniture to help your painting project, which is to move it away from the walls and cover it with a tarp or drop cloth to protect it from paint.

3. Consider Other Colors

When you’re looking to paint a guest room ceiling, one of the things that you should really think about is what color or colors you are going to use to apply to the ceiling.

If your first reaction to this is to wonder how we could possibly be suggesting that you make use of a color other than white or off white (eggshell, anyone?) then you are not really having an open mind to the possibilities that are out there when it comes to how amazing your guest room ceiling can look.

Though of course you could if you want to make use of such a color set and there’s nothing wrong with having white ceilings, you nevertheless should at least consider that there are other options available to you in addition to white and the variations or shades of white – and in some cases they will make for a more welcoming guest room!

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