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Man Cave Painting Mistakes To Avoid in St. Louis, MO

Man Cave Painting Mistakes To Avoid in St. Louis, MO

You may have recently made a man cave in your house or apartment and want to improve upon the look of it, but how do you best do this — by painting?

Painting can do quite well for your man cave, but you should be aware of the fact that there are things you can do that will really cause the painting project to go badly — your results will be quite unpleasant and you may even need to restart it entirely.

The good thing to know is that if you know about these mistakes and take the steps to avoid them, you can end up with a much nicer looking paint job that could even cost you less money.

Let’s have a look at some mistakes to avoid when you are painting your man cave

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Though you may not think it possible to make use of the wrong sort of paint when you are painting the interior of your home, it’s quite easy to pick up a paint and only find out that it was the wrong sort of paint after your painting project is complete and you go to clean your walls the first time.

The thing that you should know is that the walls of any interior room can get dirty (depending on the use of the room) and since it is a man cave that is being painted, it’s fairly reasonable to presume that messes will happen — and when they do, you are going to want to be able to clean them easily, with little struggle.

The key to making this happen is to make use of glossy paint when you are painting your man cave — as such, you will be able to wipe clean the walls using a towel and water or cleaning solution — if you use flat paint when painting this will not be the case and you may end up removing the paint instead of cleaning the walls.

2. Not Considering Bold Colors

Again, since it is a man cave that you’re painting, you’re not going to want to just use ordinary plain colors — that just wouldn’t do, would it?

Indeed, the kind of room that a man cave demands bright and bold colors that really stand out and call attention to them, to really let you know the sort of room that you are in and the sort of fun that you’re going to be able to reasonably expect when you’re in there.

Ultimately, of course, the room is yours to paint as you see fit and therefore it is important that you are happy with the paint colors that you choose for it, not necessarily that they fit any notion of how a certain room should look.

3. Painting Over Wet Surfaces

Some people will clean their walls and then start painting over the wet surfaces immediately, without allowing time to pass for the surface to dry.

They might even apply a coat of primer to their freshly sanded and cleaned walls, and then apply a coat of paint (or rather, attempt to apply a coat of paint) to their newly primer added walls without waiting for the primer to dry.

They will then watch in amazement as later the paint that was applied to the wet wall bubbles and just looks dreadful, and the paint that they are trying to apply to the walls with primer takes primer off the wall instead, and how truly dreadful this ends up looking.

If you want to avoid these sorts of issues what you need to do is to wait for the walls that are being painted to fully dry before you go on to applying paint or primer — only then will the painting project go as it should.

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