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Living Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Know in St. Louis, MO

Living Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Know in St. Louis, MO

Your living room cabinet can often be the centerpiece of the room, and when you have an issue with the cabinets involving how they look, you may well be tempted to replace them entirely.

The interesting thing about living room cabinets, however, is that you don’t need to replace them if they aren’t looking their best — oftentimes, you can paint the cabinets and they will improve quite a bit, from the aesthetic perspective.

It’s worth noting that there are things you can do to improve the painting process and indeed bring down the price as well as make it take less time, all while keeping your cabinets looking their best.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting your living room cabinets that will help them look their best.

1. Use The Right Sort Of Paint

An important thing you should do when you’re looking to paint your living room cabinets is to make sure that you pick the right sort of paint.

By this, we don’t mean just that you’re going to be using interior paint versus exterior paint, though of course, that is going to be necessary.

Rather, you will also want to make sure since you are painting your living room cabinets and you can expect a good amount of food related traffic to come in and out of the living room to make use of glossy paint, which is going to be easier to clean — just wipe it with a moist towel.

However, if you suspect that you are going to have no need to ever clean your living room cabinets, you can just as well make use of flat paint — which can sometimes hide surface flaws better than glossy paint, but is also quite difficult if not impossible to clean as the paint will come right off if you try to do so.

2. Correct More Serious Flaws

Prior to painting your living room cabinets, it’s well worth having a look at the surface of the cabinets that are going to be painted and see where you have more significant dents and even small holes that can come with time and use of the cabinets.

There are many ways that you can fix these dents and damage, and it really is going to depend on the materials that make up your cabinets and how you are going to go about fixing up the cabinets — perhaps well worth an article all of its own.

Once you have made the time to fix up the cabinets, you’re going to be able to then apply a good coat of primer after sanding the surface of the cabinets so that the surface that is being painted is going to be smooth and even and receptive to the primer.

3. Allow Surfaces To Dry

It’s important when you get your cabinets even a bit moist that you allow time to pass so that they fully dry — and there are going to be a few steps in the painting process that will do just this, such as once you have sanded the surface of your cabinets and then clean them off so that you don’t find sanding dust in your finished paintwork.

The issue with a moist surface is that if you apply primer or paint over such a surface, you are going to end up having painting issues later on — and these aren’t the kinds of issues that you can so easily fix as much as you can find yourself having to start the painting project over again from the beginning.

Better to have patience with your cabinets as you are painting them and allow time for them to always dry fully before you move on to the next step in the painting process.

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