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Garage Door Painting On A Budget in St. Louis, MO

Garage Door Painting On A Budget in St. Louis, MO

When you’re painting the exterior of your home, you may sometimes look to focus on specific areas that can be painted on their own – the garage door being one such place.

However, even when you are painting something as relatively small as your garage door, you can sometimes encounter issues relating to the price of the painting project that can make continuing with it a bit more difficult.

With a bit of guidance and a good effort, you’ll find that it’s possible to get your painting work done in a reasonable time and under a set budget.

Let’s look at some important tips for painting your garage door on a budget.

1. Plan Your Painting Project Ahead Of Time

One thing that will help you get your painting project done under a budget is to make sure that you plan it well ahead of time.

Sometimes, one will think to embark on a painting project such as that of getting the garage door painted, and instead of spending any time planning, it is immediately begun without any such planning.

The issue with not planning such a task is that you will not necessarily be equipped with the right tools you will need along with the right paint and primer.

In planning, you will do things such as measuring the surface, which will help you to best figure out how much paint and primer you are going to need — truly an important thing as you shouldn’t be in possession of either excess paint and primer or insufficient.

The latter may not seem to be as much of an issue, but just imagine that you are halfway through painting your garage door when you suddenly run out of paint and have to rush to the store to get more only to find out that they no longer have your color and so you have to go to another store and buy it there — possibly at a higher price!

2. Prime Before You Paint

Speaking of primer, a suggestion from some people if you want to save money is to skip applying primer, but this would actually be a bit of a mistake.

The people who tell you that you will save money by not applying a primer coat will tell you that this is the case because you won’t have to spend the money on the primer but what they don’t realize is how the primer will be extending the life of the paint you apply to the garage door.

The primer that you apply to your garage door will help you in an important way — it will get the paint that you apply subsequently to adhere to the surface much better than if you don’t use it.

Bear in mind that if you at some point might want to change the look of your garage (as in you no longer like the color you chose) it will of course cut down on how much you have saved, but as long as you have a reasonable presumption that you will appreciate the color you have, you will be able to enjoy the savings from year to year.

3. Look For Sales

Though people don’t typically think about paint and painting supplies as things that go on sale, the truth is that they do go on sale on occasion, especially in the summer months when people tend to think about anything other than taking on painting projects.

Those sales times are precisely when you want to take advantage and get your paint for the painting project at a good price — and in doing so, save money overall when you’re going to be painting.

This ties in well with the overall notion that you should plan out the project ahead of time, of course.

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