2022-06-16 Selah Painting St Louis MO Dining Room Ceiling Painting Mistakes

Dining Room Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid in St. Louis, MO

Dining Room Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid in St. Louis, MO

You may well know about how important it is to paint the walls of your dining room on occasion, especially when it’s been awhile since they were last painted or you just want to change up the look (color or otherwise.)

What people often will not think to do is to look up to their ceiling and think about how long it has been since it was last painted — for the ceiling is fundamentally a wall like any other in the room.

In painting your ceiling you’re going to want to make sure that you avoid certain key mistakes that can entirely throw off your ceiling painting project.

Let’s have a look at some of these dining room ceiling painting mistakes that you’re going to need to avoid.

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

Though you may think that there couldn’t be the wrong kind of paint, fundamentally when you’re looking to paint a dining room ceiling there are a couple of ways you could go wrong.

One would be of course to make use of an exterior paint instead of an interior paint – though exterior paint has its own use, it should not be used for an interior painting project even if you happen to have a few extra gallons on hand.

In addition to making use of interior paint, you should think about how you could try to find an interior paint that is more meant to be used on ceilings — these will be flat by nature (not glossy) and will tend to drip less.

2. Not Considering Other Colors

If you’re thinking about how you want your dining room ceiling to look, you may be thinking that it will be necessary to make use of white to make it look like every other ceiling in your home, but this does not have to be the case.

Indeed, there are plenty of other colors out there that are going to be perfectly fine for your dining room ceiling painting project, and the trick in painting your dining room ceiling is to look around the room and think about what is going to go best with the room that you have.

You can think about things such as the colors of the walls as well as the range of colors of your dining room furniture and try to see what might look nice with them.

Of course, the best thing you could really do is to get a couple of small paint samples and actually apply it to the ceiling in small amounts so you will be able to see how it will look in your dining room before you commit to the color.

3. Don’t Use Makeshift Scaffolding

There are many ways that you’re going to be able to reach up to the ceiling when you are looking to paint it — portable ladders being one of the better ways to get up there and telescoping handles being another.

Though you might think that you can just make your own scaffolding system like you see on the street, stacking things on top of one another and then getting some sort of board… it doesn’t work that way.

This could in fact be one of the most dangerous things that you could do in your home, leading to possible damage to your home and possible injury to you — and so you should do yourself a favor and not make use of these sorts of scaffolding systems.

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