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Home Office Painting Mistakes Not To Make in St. Louis, MO

Home Office Painting Mistakes Not To Make in St. Louis, MO

You may well be like a lot of people who have had good reason to be working remotely lately, and as such you will have a need to have a good home office — but perhaps that hasn’t necessarily meant having a well-painted home office.

If you’re going to be spending a good amount of time in your home office in the foreseeable future, it makes sense to have it look somewhat good and that often involves painting it.

If during the process of painting the office you make certain key mistakes it’s entirely possible you will have a painting project that will cost more than it should and maybe even take longer than necessary.

Let’s have a look at some home office painting mistakes not to make.

1. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

One mistake that you may make in painting your home office can come in the form of making use of the wrong sort of paint, which might not make sense if you don’t realize that there are many sorts of paint for painting your home interior.

Indeed, there are interior paints that are better for certain uses, such as paints that have certain finishes that are appropriate if you find yourself spending a good amount of time needed to clean the surface of the wall (such as if you are in a kitchen or a dining room which gets traffic of the sort that could well have dirty hands.

Of course, an office is not typically the sort of place that’s going to get this sort of traffic — so you might be better off making use of a flat paint, which might not clean as easily but hides wall surface flaws better than a glossy paint and doesn’t have that same glossy look as well.

2. Not Considering Other Colors In The Office When Painting

You might have a couple of colors in mind for painting the office walls and these colors could well be quite nice in general for an office environment (even one that is at home) but if you don’t stop to think about how the colors will look with the other colors that you have in the room, you may be making a big mistake that will be difficult to correct.

Before you commit to any one given color, have a look around and perhaps bring a sample of the paint itself to the space and paint a little area (not a lot, perhaps a couple of inches squared) and then see how the colors will really look in the home office in relation to the other colors in the room — from this you will be able to determine if it will work for you as far as colors go.

3. Not Cleaning Before Painting

Lastly, remember that a well-painted wall begins with one that is not only smooth and otherwise prepared to be painted, but one that starts off by being fully cleaned.

There are some who might think of the painting process as covering up that which is there with a couple of coats of paint, but merely doing this is a sure route to having a wall that is not at all painted well and that will have the distinct look of a wall that previously was dirty prior to your painting it.

If you think about it, this makes sense as merely applying paint to a wall is not going to change the fact that the wall is dirty — with certain levels of dirtiness, you will actually be able to see that the dirt is there, just covered with paint.

Really the best thing that you should do before you get to the important sanding and priming steps of the painting process is to make sure that you have fully cleaned the walls and made sure that you have allowed the surfaces to dry before you move on to the next steps in the painting process, which will in most cases be the sanding of the surface.

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