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Man Cave Painting – What You Need To Know in St. Louis, MO

Man Cave Painting – What You Need To Know in St. Louis, MO

You may not be familiar with what a man cave is but if you’ve ever been in one, you’d likely be aware of it – it’s a space where gents might want to hang out and do things like watching a football game or play games.

However, there’s more to a so-called man cave than just putting a television on the wall and installing a good couch – the walls ideally are going to need to be painted as well, which means that you are going to have to make time to do it, and you will need to make sure that you get it done correctly.

Let’s have a look at what you need to know when you are man cave painting in St. Louis, MO

1. The Colors Are Important

You may be aware that in any given room, the color or colors that you choose are going to be quite important, but when you are painting your man cave this could be even more important given the typical people that are going to be rolling in to enjoy the use of the room.

There are many colors that you’re going to be able to use when you’re painting your room but you should take into consideration the various things that you’re going to be doing in the room and make use of those activities in picking the right color or colors for the room.

Of course, the best way that you’ll know for sure if a color or colors are going to look right in the room is going to be by getting some paint samples of some of the colors that you like and then applying them to the walls and seeing how they will actually look in the room.

2. Use Easy To Clean Paint

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing that is going to be the case in your man cave it’s that it is likely to get messy.

You are in all likelihood going to be bringing in some fairly messy food and for whatever reason, that food will somehow always be the sort of messy food that will end up on your hands and by extension — the walls of the room.

Since you are going to want to make sure that you get the walls cleaner before they get too bad, you will need to make use of a glossy paint as these are the easiest paints to clean — not a flat paint, which is more difficult to clean.

3. Accent Walls Are Okay

You might not think of an accent wall as something that would fit in with a man cave but if you think about the form and function of the accent wall, it really makes sense.

A good accent wall is going to be one that stands out from the other walls in the room in some sense, be it that it might have another color than the other walls or it has a distinct theme – perhaps you might want to have one wall that is going to be dedicated to the sorts of sports that you might like to watch on television – that could be in the form of having some souvenirs from sports games or even a nice painted mural on the accent wall.

The nice thing about making such an accent wall is that you will be able to decorate it in any way that you can – and if you decide to go with color as your type of accent wall, it could mean that you will have the chance to use a color or colors that contrast with the other colors in the room.

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