2022-05-09 Selah Painting Tips and Tricks on How to Get that Shiny Kitchen Cabinet Finish

Tips and Tricks on How to Get that Shiny Kitchen Cabinet Finish in St. Louis, MO

Tips and Tricks on How to Get that Shiny Kitchen Cabinet Finish in St. Louis, MO

There are many things to consider when you are painting your cabinets, and most people want is to achieve that shiny kitchen cabinet.  

You consider what fittings you like, the paint to use if it’s oil-based or latex-based, and of course, the finish. 

What’s more, if you’re repainting, you’re stained kitchen cabinets; for sure, you want to have their shiny appearance again. 

In addition to that, your design choices should also land on paint jobs for cabinet projects. 

Whether you want that lasting durability or just an attractive aesthetic, or somewhere in between – the painting and how the finish has been done can affect the design of the kitchen, as well as how big the spaces seem. 

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks on how to get that shiny kitchen cabinet finish in St. Louis, MO

1.      High-Gloss Finish 

The high-gloss finish is sometimes called 100% gloss because it is sleek and shiny. 

It is designed to mirror the light around the room and make your kitchen cabinets have their statements. 

Having this finish for your cabinets has become popular in the ‘70s, and it remains famous today for modern kitchens. 

It has a lot of advantages, for it’s brilliant if you have it for small spaces in your kitchen, as the glossy features would reflect the light around the room, making the space feel bright and airy. 

However, while glossy cabinets seem very shiny and pretty, they could show dirt easily, especially if you have that color white gloss. 

It can be prone to breaking and chipping – getting a lot more damage easily than other kinds of finishes. 

2.      Semi-Gloss Finish 

A semi-gloss finish is perhaps the most popular choice that you’ll see in kitchens, as it’s half flat and half-shiny paint. 

It is known as a middle-ground paint that reflects light and makes the space look and feel bigger without being tacky and overly shiny. 

A semi-gloss finish also has light-reflecting qualities to make the space feel lighter and bigger without disturbing the eyes. 

It’s always a good choice, and it’s good if you want to experiment with vibrant color palettes. 

3.      Satin Finish 

The satin finish is sometimes called the eggshell, and the finish is quite shiny.

And you can have it in your kitchen cabinet set because it’s unique and has that majestic look. 

It has a silky and smooth appearance with a little pearl-like sheen like an eggshell, and it truly turns your old cabinets look new. 

Satin finishes have that good way of fairly flat-feeling paint designs without making the kitchen room feel so plain. 

It only reflects a small amount of light. That’s why it gives your kitchen cabinets a bit of dimension without being so obvious. 

4.      Matte or Flat Finish 

Matte or flat paint finish for your kitchen tends to diffuse the light, hold dirt, and sometimes be hard to clean. 

Matte finishes give you more freedom to mix the colors and experiment when you paint on your kitchen cabinets. 

While matte comes with color pigments, the paint layer can be rubbed off easily, even with minor scrubbing. 

However, since sheens are absorbed rather than reflecting the light, they still tend to hide the imperfections of the surface. 

5.      Eggshell Finish 

This is a low-luster finish that gives the same benefits as matte finishes. 

However, eggshell paint finishes are more resistant to wear and tear, so it’s better to keep things light, like opening and closing the cabinet doors. 

On the brighter side, an eggshell finish is probably best suited for ceilings and walls in a not too busy room. 

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