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Painting a Successful Homeschooling Classroom in St. Louis, MO.

Painting a Successful Homeschooling Classroom in St. Louis, MO.

In a time where kids have been schooling both on and off-campus with more regularity, setting up a spot in your home where your children can do their schoolwork has become important.

Or perhaps you’ve decided that you would love to have your children learn at home full-time which will certainly benefit from having a designated space — just as teachers have these spaces in their classrooms for reading, working with hands-on projects, or general schoolwork.

Putting too much on the walls or choosing colors that may be distracting can be the difference between good concentration and incomplete assignments — although, of course, your kiddos will have a say in that themselves.

Let’s help you get on the right track with these tips for painting a successful homeschooling classroom in St. Louis, MO.

Gentle Greens

If your kids are struggling with the change in learning locations and need an area with little stress, using a soothing green helps to get their brains in the right headspace.

Green shades offer a calming quality that can ease anxieties and prepare your little pupils for the day of schoolwork ahead.

You can also add botanicals to the room for air purification and to help teach your kids how to care for the plants, which is a fun bonus.

Beautiful Blues

Blue comes with the advantage of either stimulating creativity with bold hues or offering a similar calming effect as green shades with a lighter hue.

For younger kids, the bold blues can stimulate their creative minds and be beneficial in boosting their enthusiasm for the artsy assignments.

For older kids, using a pale shade of blue can help keep their stress levels down when dealing with more demanding schoolwork.

Outrageous Oranges

Like bold blues, a medium shade of orange can be stimulating for creativity, but orange can also boost motivation.

Learning from home for kids that are used to being on campus can be a challenging change, so opting for a color that helps to keep them motivated might be a perfect choice.

Adding in pops of a brighter orange rather than an entire wall can boost their creative minds without running the risk of overstimulation.

Crayon Colors

For younger learners, adding pops of other primary colors serve to both stimulate their minds and give them visual examples for learning their colors.

A colorful, happy classroom can give them the feeling that school is an exciting life experience and prepare them for the work ahead.

Maps and Murals

With a space dedicated to studying and lessons, you have options of adding a bit of educational fun to the walls with maps and murals.

You can stencil in a globe, the alphabet, or various numbers and animals — depending on the age of your kids and what they’re learning at the time.

One of the great things about painting on what is needed at the moment is that it is easy to paint over when the need changes.

Fun Furnishings

Many retailers who offer school-related furnishings have options for pieces that are either already painted or left natural for the customer to stain or paint.

Coordinating the color of your furniture can boost the mental effects of the paint on the walls and add other benefits if you choose to use a couple of different colors.

Homework and homeschool spaces also give parents the ability to keep track of schoolwork without having to track down multiple kids in varying rooms and, for working parents, can be a great tool for maxing out the productivity of everyone in the family.

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