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Painting Your Attic Preparation in St. Louis, MO

Painting Your Attic Preparation in St. Louis, MO

When you come to realize that you have to paint your attic, there are certain things that you have to do in advance – for just going into an attic painting project without preparing for it first is a certain way to have a poor result at the end.

So long as you put in the time to get your attic ready and have the things that you need in order to get it done, you will finish with a well painted attic.

Let’s have a look at some tips for preparing to paint your attic in St. Louis, MO

1. Choosing The Right Color Or Colors

One of the fundamentally important things that you’re going to need to do when you’re looking to paint your attic is to have the color chosen well in advance, or colors if you are going to do more than one color in the attic.

Though of course you can use paper paint strips to try to determine an appropriate color for the walls, it is almost always a better idea to get a small sample of the paint itself and to paint a little square or shape so that you will see how the color or colors will actually look in the room.

The best part of taking this approach is that you’ll be able to see how the various light conditions that you have in the room will affect the color.

2. Properly Clean

If you have a dirty surface to be painted, you’re going to have walls that look like dirty walls with paint on them.

Fundamentally, you’re going to want to fully clean not only the areas that are going to be painted but also the areas near those areas, such that you will best be able to avoid getting any sort of dust on your walls while you are painting or even while the walls are drying.

Speaking of drying, you will need to allow time for your walls to fully dry after you have cleaned them (as many cleaning techniques will involve getting them wet) because it’s best not to try to paint a moist surface.

3. Protect The Floors And Other Areas

The question you should ask yourself before you start painting is what areas of the room are possibly going to be affected by paint while you are painting.

Any such areas, such as the floor of the attic, are going to have to be covered in some meaningful way so that you won’t end up getting paint on them.

The floor, for example, should be covered with a heavy drop cloth that will stop the paint from getting through to it – you can just imagine how much easier it is to lay down a drop cloth than to try to get paint off of the floor.

4. Sand The Surface Being Painted

Another important thing to do before you paint your attic (though this is not a comprehensive list of all of the things you should do in preparing to paint) is to sand the surfaces that are going to be painted.

There is great significance in having a surface that is sanded prior to being painted – specifically, you will have a surface that is smoother and therefore more receptive to being primed, which will be much better in terms of how well paint goes on the walls as well as how long the paint ultimately stays on them.

In sanding, you need to first gently sand the surfaces to be painted, and then before you move on to the next step in the process clean all of the sanding dust which will be made by sanding – better this than to find sanding dust in your dried paint later on.

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