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7 Budget Bathroom Tips in St. Louis, MO

7 Budget Bathroom Tips in St. Louis, MO

Bathrooms are not most people’s favorite room in the house — but they are frequently some of the most decorated.

With so many options for fixtures, flooring, paint, and cabinetry it is easy to get overwhelmed both mentally and financially.

It is possible to make your bathroom the same calming oasis that you see in magazines and other homes with a few smart shortcuts.

With that in mind, here are seven budget bathroom tips in St. Louis, MO.

1. Opt for paint over replacements

Tearing a bathroom down to the studs and updating everything inside becomes increasingly more expensive with every piece you need to replace — especially when looking at bathtubs and sinks.

Instead, start by painting your bathroom and its fixtures including the vanity, lighting, flooring, and tub (there are paint kits made specifically for bathtubs).

With so many options in a bathroom that can be painted in order to give the room a fresh perspective, this step can take a couple zeroes off the bottom line.

2. Swap out your curtain

Seemingly small changes can make big waves in spaces that carry less square footage.

Rather than redoing all the decor in your bathroom (especially if you love what you have), try replacing the shower curtain to create a new atmosphere in the room.

This can be particularly helpful in smaller bathrooms where the tub takes up the most space.

3. Get removable options

Wallpaper and tile designs used to be hard decisions to make for anyone redoing their home because both were tedious to install and virtually permanent.

Thanks to many temporary options, you can choose a wallpaper or tile that is removable which makes a bathroom makeover possible even in a rental.

You can even use peel and stick masonry to add a touch of elegance to the outside of your tub.

4. Fake it ’til you make it

House plants are lovely additions to any room but they can be spendy depending on the species and upkeep can be tiresome if you are not a flora enthusiast.

To get the same elevated style that plants bring without the price tag or maintenance, put a few faux plants in the bathroom.

5. Upcycle from other rooms

If you have furniture pieces in your home that no longer fit your style or space but want to update your bathroom, see if any of those can be repainted and repurposed as a new vanity or linen storage.

Small cabinets or dressers can be spruced up and a bowl sink can be added to the top for a trendy, budget friendly upgrade that guests will admire.

Blanket ladders from your living room can become linen ladders or spice racks can become magazine racks — among other fun and frugal upcycle projects.

6. Put up multiuse pieces

Purchase pieces for the bathroom that serve more than one function to save on both space and money.

For example, a shelf for your bath accessories that has hooks underneath eliminates the need for a separate towel bar — or a behind-the-toilet cabinet can be both medicine chest and linen storage.

Try to use as many multi-purpose pieces as possible in small bathrooms to conserve your space as much as your money.

7. Apply some elbow grease

Lastly, and least expensive, give your bathroom a thorough scrubbing — clean every nook and cranny like you were getting paid for the job.

Sometimes a fresh feeling in a room can be the simplest change we need and areas that are often overlooked like vents, fan blades, and door trim can brighten a space with a little cleaning.

Getting every water spot on the walls, any dust bunnies along the floorboards, and reorganizing your drawers can be the facelift you feel the room so desperately needed and will cost you nothing more than the cleaning supplies!

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