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7 Deck Design Ideas in St. Louis, MO

7 Deck Design Ideas in St. Louis, MO

A deck doesn’t need to serve solely as a means of entering and exiting your home but can also be a place for entertainment and relaxation.

Choosing the right outdoor accessories for your deck can be a daunting task with such a vast catalog of options and you can get overwhelmed with the project before getting started.

What looks right next to your grill, should you do plaid or stripes, are hoses an eyesore?

Let’s tackle these problems with seven deck design ideas in St. Louis, MO.

1. Add some mood lighting

Sitting outside on a lovely evening alone or with friends can put you in a content mood and really round out the day — but it’s hard to feel the same if you’re sitting in the dark.

You can add some low lights with stringed bulbs or torches and create a comfortable feeling on the deck.

If your deck is covered, lanterns can be both decorative and useful — especially with citronella candles keeping the bugs away!

2. Choose furniture for your entertaining needs

If you are a person who loves to have a couple of friends over for a small meal, you don’t need to get an eight-seater outdoor dining table — a bistro set would be much more your speed.

It’s easy to go overboard when adding seats to our decks, but it isn’t necessary to plan for a crowd unless you have the storage space for what doesn’t get used much or you love throwing parties.

If you are a party thrower, consider adding a seating area around a fire pit in addition to any dining arrangement to have more options.

3. Level Up

Many homes have a single-level deck with a long flight of stairs down to the backyard but you can put that space to better use.

Having a landing or two not only gives you more versatility for seating areas (perhaps an outdoor reading nook?) but it breaks up the monotony of too many stairs.

Consider a level for each of your needs such as eating, visiting, and any other use for your deck.

4. To cover or not to cover

Deciding on this can be a head-scratcher if you don’t know what the main purpose is for your deck — or you could opt for both.

Covering one area while leaving the rest open is a great compromise that affords the homeowner versatility in use without having to get separate covers for a table and a seating area, etc.

5. Built-ins

Building benches along the railing to your deck is an easy way to create ample sitting space without the need to add furniture.

You can also build an area for cooking where your grill has its own nook nestled by a counter for prepping.

Always follow safety guidelines when installing built-ins to avoid accidents — we all know that one person who set fire to the deck while grilling.

6. Swing away

There are few things that sound more relaxing than swaying in a hammock, the sun warm on your closed eyes — and you don’t even need trees to make that happen.

You can hang a hammock between posts on your deck or build a pergola that can support a swing.

Not only does this add a fabulous place to relax, but it also lends to the style of the deck.

7. Let it lead you somewhere

Finally, a deck can be the starting off point for discovery on your property.

Building raised paths that extend from the deck into wooded areas, bodies of water or your backyard garden can elevate your outdoor design while creating a safe walking path to these points of interest.

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