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5 Hall Decorating Tips To Use in St. Louis, MO

5 Hall Decorating Tips To Use in St. Louis, MO

The halls in your home are quite important as you might be aware — but there’s more to your halls than just connecting your rooms together.

As this is the case, you should think well about how you are going to decorate the hall and give it a good look to not just impress the people, as it were, that visit your home but also give you something nice to see every time you go from one room to another.

Let’s now have a look at five hall decorating tips to use in St. Louis, MO

1. Consider The Color Well

One thing that you might want to think about as you are looking to decorate your halls is how you are going to use color all over the hall.

It’s important to think about the way that light is going to interact with the color or colors that you are going to use, for example – if you have less light going on from the given light source you have in the hall, it’s quite possible that you are going to want to use lighter colors rather than darker ones.

If on the other hand, you have fairly powerful light sources (or perhaps quite a lot of okay light sources) you may be able to get away with using darker colors in the hall and not have an issue with seeing said colors well as you go from one part of your home to another.

2. Think About Your Interests

A good hall that is well decorated can be one that is going to reflect your interests in the world nicely — and this can be anything from the interests that you have as far as the art world or perhaps one of the photographs (or a collection of photographs) that you have from your travels.

The thing you should remember here is that you aren’t going to want to overcrowd your hall with too many photos as the abundance of photos is genuinely going to confuse and overwhelm people that pass through the hall.

If you can take the perspective of a person who is coming through the hall for the first time and then maybe even think about bringing it down from there as you may well be over-excited to share the photos you have.

3. Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Back on the subject of color – you should remember that you should not make use of too many colors when you are decorating your hall.

Much like what was mentioned above in regards to photographs, if you have too many colors going on in your hall you’re going to have a hall that will ultimately be rather unpleasant, from an aesthetic point of view.

You’re a lot better off limiting yourself to a set number of colors and not exceeding that set number and you will find that the hall will look a lot better.

4. Look At How Your Floor Will Go Along

Insofar as you may not often look down while you are walking down your own hall, you should think about how the floor or whatever you have laid down on the floor is going to look in coordination with what you have hanging on the walls — or just the color in general, if you have nothing hanging.

If you look to the floor and see a certain color scheme, you’re going to want to consider making use of a color or colors that go along well.

5. The Family Gallery

Lastly, you should think about your family and how you may enjoy putting up some rather choice photos of everyone as you go along the hall.

The good thing about making a family gallery for your hall is that you’re going to be able to show photos of your family in just the kind of order that you want.

This could be in chronological order, of course, starting from the very foundation of your family until the present day or even just grouped in other ways, such as different occasions that have had special meaning to your family.

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