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5 Tricks For Painting Your Garage in St. Louis, MO

5 Tricks For Painting Your Garage in St. Louis, MO

When it comes to improving the look of your home, there are some who will give no thought to the garage, thinking it is just a room that people will generally not care about from an aesthetic point of view, but this is not necessarily the case.

It’s not always appropriate to just go into a garage with the purpose of painting it, armed only with a large bucket of the most generic white paint that you can find, and just splosh it around the walls until they look a bit more well painted than when you started.

The garage is just as important a space as any other when it comes to aesthetics, and if you don’t believe that you can ask any realtor who will be more than glad to tell you that it’s good to have a garage that looks just as good as any other room in the house.

Let’s now look at five tricks for painting your garage in St. Louis, MO

1. There Are Other Neutral Colors Other Than White

In painting your garage, you’re going to perhaps want to paint the walls a color that is more neutral than anything else.

If you are thinking that the only color that meets these criteria is white, this is not the case at all — there are many other colors that will work just as well if not better.

It’s well worth looking into the wide variety of neutral colors that are available to you as a home painter.

2. Seal Cracks In The Walls Before You Paint

In looking to paint your garage, you should look out for the cracks that may be present – they are not rare in garages and they must be taken care of before you start getting ready to fully paint the walls.

Specifically, you have to take the time to seal the cracks in the wall before you paint them — the primer that you will be using as well as the paint is not going to be enough to take care of such cracks.

It’s thus necessary to use the sealing material appropriate to the kind of walls that you have in your garage and so be able to better paint your garage walls.

3. Consider The Weather Before You Start

The weather should be of much importance to you when you are looking to paint the garage, though of course, you may not immediately realize why this is the case.

Because of how most garages are insulated (very lightly if at all) you will find that the outside temperature is going to have a stronger impact on the temperature in the garage as well.

As that’s the case, you’re going to want to avoid painting when the outside temperature is more extreme as the temperature in the garage will be affected likewise and it will make for an unpleasant experience – and the paint itself.

4. Don’t Forget The Floor

While you are in the process of painting your garage walls, it’s a good idea to think about the floor of the garage, as that too can be painted.

The process of preparing to paint your garage floor is not too dissimilar to that of painting the walls of the garage but you’re just going to have to use a different sort of paint.

You will find that the technique will be a bit different since you will have to make an effort to avoid painting yourself into a corner literally.

5. Clean And Sand Surfaces To Be Painted

Lastly, remember that to paint your garage walls means that you have to have surfaces that are ready to be painted.

This means that they have to be first fully cleaned and then well sanded to get it as smooth as possible.

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