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Painting Versus Staining Your Front Door in St. Louis, MO

Painting Versus Staining Your Front Door in St. Louis, MO

In terms of the appearance of your home, there are few things that are more prominent than your front door — quite often, it’s one of the first things that people see when they are looking at your home and often it’s one of the last things they see when they are leaving your home.

The question arises therefore as to how to best make your front door look better — there are two fundamental schools of thought on this matter, one being that you should paint your front door and one that you should stain it.

Here are some thoughts on painting versus staining your front door in St. Louis, MO.

Painting : Requires Fewer Coats

One thing that might compel a person to want to look at using paint and not stain for their front door is that when you use paint, you typically use fewer coats to make it look good.

This is a good thing if you are not really into the effort that is going to go into the application process and you would rather spend less time than more if possible.

It bears mentioning that you do have to wait for each coat to fully dry before you move on to the next coat.

Staining : Stain Is Generally Cheaper

If one of the driving forces behind your choice of stain or paint happens to be the cost, you’re probably going to like the way that stain looks a lot more than paint, so to speak.

Of course, it’s well worth looking into the other pros and cons to see if they make it still worth using the stain over the paint.

It’s entirely possible that the reason that stain is cheaper is that the ingredients that go into making the stain are cheaper for the manufacturer, or there are other reasons involved, but the bottom line is that you will pay less per gallon for stain.

You Can Paint Over Paint Or Stain But You Can’t Stain Over Paint

If your front door is already painted, you are going to be fairly limited if you are not looking to do what might end up being quite a lot of work.

For example, you can apply paint to a door that has been painted, and you can apply paint to a door that is stained, but you can only stain a stained door.

You cannot, however, apply a stain to a door that was painted without first removing all coats of paint.

Stain Is Easier To Apply

In terms of ease of application, you really can’t beat stain — it’s going to be so much easier to apply than paint.

This is because of how much easier it is to make a mistake when applying paint in that if you don’t do it just right, it will not look nearly as good.

With that being true, you might not think that it’s such a big deal if you have no issues applying paint — and if you can easily apply paint, neither this point nor the next one will have any bearing in your decision making.

Stain Is Easier To Touch Up

Stain is also quite a bit easier to touch up than paint.

This again could go back to the fact that you can very easily fall into a few mistakes when applying paint and when trying to touch up your door end making it look even worse.

Paint Offers More Finishes

Lastly, you may want to consider making use of paint for your door if you are looking for a way to improve your door that offers more finishes.

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