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7 Tips For Painting Interior Brick Surfaces in St. Louis, MO

7 Tips For Painting Interior Brick Surfaces in St. Louis, MO

When people think about brick surfaces, they are usually thinking about those found on the exterior of buildings and not the ones that one can find on an interior.

This is interesting as there are quite a few homes in which brick is the surface of the interior walls, and you can imagine that if you should choose to paint, it doesn’t get painted at all like other wall surfaces.

Let’s look at and consider seven tips for painting interior brick surfaces in St. Louis, MO

1. Choose The Right Roller

The first thing that you should know when you are painting an interior brick surface is that you can’t just go out and get any paint roller to apply your primer and paint.

The reason that this is the case is that there are paint rollers that are specially made for painting on brick, as opposed to the typical paint roller that is better suited for a more flat kind of surface.

By using this kind of roller you’ll ensure that the paint goes on well.

2. Get The Appropriate Paint

Speaking of paint, you have to make sure that you use the right kind of paint because here too it is important that you not just get any interior paint and hope that it works out.

In terms of interior painting, you have to get paint that is meant for brick or mason — and make sure that you have a primer that matches!

3. Greater Drying Time

When you’re working with a brick interior, you might think you have a good plan based on how long you expect it to take to paint as well as how long you expect everything to dry.

The thing is that you may be entirely wrong on the second part — because it can take up to a full day for a coat of primer or paint to fully dry.

With that being so, you’re really going to have to plan out how you’re going to paint the walls.

4. Wire Brush To Clean

There are many ways to clean an interior surface, but when you’re cleaning a brick interior the best you can do is to use a wire brush.

A wire brush will properly clean the brick interior and allow you to continue with your painting project.

5. Acid Is To Be Avoided

There are certain cleaners that are to be avoided when you’re cleaning your brick interior surface — the kinds of cleaners that you’re going to want to avoid contain acid.

The acid in your cleaners will make your brick not take the primer as well as the paint adhere as well as it should — skip the acid and stick to non-acidic cleaners.

6. Three Feet Of Coverage For The Floor

As you’re painting your brick interior, you may look to see how it’s going to be possible to protect your floor from the drippings of the paint that you are applying.

Though you may think that you’ve got enough coverage if you put out a drop cloth for a foot, it will be insufficient — you should aim for at least three feet of drop cloth to properly protect your floors.

7. Small Paint Brush For Missed Areas

Lastly, as good as your paint roller is at getting paint on the brick, it won’t get everywhere — and this is where smaller paintbrushes come into play.

You can make use of these paintbrushes to fill in the areas that are not so well reachable by a paint roller.

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