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Should You Update Or Replace Your Bathroom Cabinets in St. Louis, MO?

Should You Update Or Replace Your Bathroom Cabinets in St. Louis, MO?

In updating the look of your bathroom, one area you may want to look at is in the bathroom cabinets, which is a key part of storing your bathroom needs and keeping the bathroom generally organized.

At some point, your bathroom cabinets may get a worn look to them, and the question will arise if you want to update or replace your bathroom cabinets entirely.

The choice between the two options is, of course, yours to make but as it is a difficult one, we would like to offer some thoughts on both of them – a bit of pros and cons to each, perhaps, and you can use this to come to your own conclusion.

Let’s look at if you should update or replace your bathroom cabinets in St. Louis, MO.

Update : If There Is No Damage To The Cabinets

One way to know that you should update rather than replace your cabinets is if you see that there is no physical damage to your cabinets whatsoever.

The reason that this is the case is that if there’s no cabinet damage, there’s no reason to replace them – they can easily be updated and even given a new look.

This kind of update can come in the form of just painting the cabinets or perhaps even applying a set of removable wallpaper — that can update the look of the cabinets and give them new life.

Replace : If The Cabinets Are Nearly Falling Apart

Conversely, if your cabinets are just about falling apart it would be a bit futile to try to update them — they are, after all, just about to fall apart and any update that you make to them is not going to prevent them from doing so.

There are all kinds of signs that your cabinets are falling apart and are beyond repair — well, perhaps that should not be said, but perhaps it could be said that they’re beyond the repair of a typical person who is not an actual carpenter.

If you see that your cabinets have a sort of lean to them and it looks like they continue to lean in that direction over time, it’s just a matter of time before the lean progress into a full on breakdown.

Update : If You Just Don’t Like The Color

If you look at your bathroom cabinets and you realize that the only thing you don’t like about them comes down to the color or the colors, you should not even think about replacing the cabinets.

You can instead look at the cabinets and think about what color or colors would look better on them, and then take the steps necessary to paint them in that color.

By doing this you will save quite a bit of money and improve the look of the cabinets.

Replace : If Pieces Have Broken Off

If you find that entire pieces have broken off of your bathroom cabinets, it would likely be better to replace the entire set of cabinets than to try to update them.

This is because by trying to just update your cabinet, you will not really be doing anything for the parts of the cabinets that have broken off, and ultimately the cabinets may end up getting worse.

Of course, if you do have the kind of expertise to know how to fix those pieces yourself, it would be well worth making the time to do so.

Update : If New Hardware Will Make It Look Better

Lastly, consider updating your bathroom cabinets if all it would really take to make them look better is some new hardware — some new pulls for the cabinets, for example.

By making the time to get this new hardware, you’ll be making a minor investment that pays out quite well.

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