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7 Colors To Paint Your Bedroom Ceiling in St. Louis, MO

7 Colors To Paint Your Bedroom Ceiling in St. Louis, MO

When you think of surfaces that need to be painted in your home, the ceiling is often not one of them – and when it does come up it’s often assumed that it should have to be basic white, which is not at all the case.

You may be thinking that such an idea does not apply to the bedroom and will be surprised to find out how many colors are available and perfectly good for the bedroom ceiling.

Let’s look at seven colors to paint your bedroom ceiling in St. Louis, MO.

1. Greige 

Though greige might sound like it’s an entirely fabricated color it is not only real but also one of the more popular colors of 2021.

This can be a positive thing if you are looking to paint your bedroom ceiling and hoping to get a color that is a more popular one.

In case you are wondering, greige is a mix between grey and beige and has some of the fine parts of a neutral color while still having some pep.

2. Purple

An excellent color that you should consider for your bedroom ceiling is purple — and if you feel that this is just too rich for you, you can consider some of the lighter shades of purple out there (some more like lavender.)

Purple can enrich the entire bedroom atmosphere and bring a sense of almost royalty, perhaps — as purple is a fantastic color overall.

3. Black

There’s a good possibility that you have been told that you should never paint any of the walls of your home black, as it has a generally negative effect and will make the room seem smaller.

This is not necessarily the case — though the color black could possibly have such an effect, the room can look to be just as big depending on other factors such as the kind of lighting that the room gets as well as what else you have in the room — and of course, having an actually small room does not help matters.

Moreover, it’s a good start if you want to make a nice starry background for going to bed at night.

4. Eggshell

For some, the idea of neutral color is appealing but they do not want to do something as plain as white — and for them, sometimes the color of the eggshell is a much better option.

Of course, you could see eggshell as a shade of white and that is true to an extent, but it is also a color in its own right and can look quite nice in your bedroom.

5. Light Yellow

Light yellow is an appealing color that you can add to your bedroom, specifically to the ceiling — and it’s the kind of color that can add a bit of brightness to the room as well.

Though you may want to have the kind of bedroom that has generous natural lighting in order to fully take advantage of colors like light yellow, it’s possible you might benefit from having it in your bedroom.

6. Pink

Don’t think that you have to be limited in terms of making use of the color pink — it’s a color that can have appeal for just about anyone who is open to it.

There are many shades of pink that just about anyone can enjoy, some of which don’t even have to look like they came out of a dollhouse.

7. Blue

Lastly, think about blue as a possibility — it is so very rich and in tune with nature.

There are many colors that are inspired by nature and blue is one of the best examples of them — think about a nice cloudless day or even a trip to the ocean!

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