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7 Tips For Setting Up A Remote Home Office in St. Louis, MO

7 Tips For Setting Up A Remote Home Office in St. Louis, MO

t’s entirely possible that you spent part of 2020, maybe even a large part of it, working remotely owing to a number of factors (the Covid-19 global pandemic that as of this writing continues being a major one of them) and as such had to seek remote work options in your home.

If you have much more remote work in your future, it behooves you to set up a proper space for yourself and get it going.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider seven tips for setting up a remote home office in St. Louis, MO.

1. Have Window Access

One thing that you should do when you’re looking at setting up a remote home office is to make sure that you have some kind of window access if it is at all possible.

The reason that this is the case is that it’s good to have access to a bit of the outdoors, and maybe even be able to get the window open and enjoy some fresh air, or one would hope that it is fresh.

In any case, just having the window there can be nice and make for an overall better work environment.

2. Use The Right Colors

There are many colors that you can paint any given interior, but not all of them are going to be appropriate for your remote home office.

Colors that are going to be too distracting to you as you are trying to get your work done, for example, are not going to be a good choice.

On the other hand, calming colors and colors that give your room and workspace energy like blue and certain greens are a good idea.

3. Make A Good Stretching Spot

When you spend as much time as people sometimes can in the pursuit of getting work done in their remote office, it’s entirely possible that too much time will be spent sitting down.

That being the case, you can establish good stretching areas where you can just literally go there and stretch for a few minutes.

4. Hang Your Own Motivation

If you remember the motivation posters from classic film and television, they were often a bit on the corny side and more laugh provoking than anything else.

Since you are working in your own space and the only person who can dictate what you use as decoration is you, it’s worth hanging up things that motivate you — pictures, expressions, and the like.

5. Put The Printer Far Enough

A fairly simple way that you can get some standing time is by putting the printer just far enough from where you put your computer such that you are going to be required to get up in order to get whatever it is that you printed.

Even though it won’t seem like a big deal, just the fact that you have to get up means that you won’t be sitting there the whole time for hours at a time.

6. Consider A Standing Desk

Speaking of standing, have you heard about standing desks?

These desks are the kind of desks where you don’t sit at all — you stand in front of the desk area and make use of the computer.

As exhausting as that surely must sound, it is actually not that bad and something that you get used to over time — and it is much healthier for you overall.

7. Design Before Starting

Lastly, if you are starting from zero you should think about not even putting one thing into place before you make some design efforts.

This is to say that you can have plenty of ideas for what you want to do, but you shouldn’t try to implement them in practice before you see if they will work on paper, so to speak — from a design perspective.

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