2021-03-02 Selah Painting St Louis MO Things Exterior House Painters Should Tell You

7 Things Exterior House Painters Should Tell You in St. Louis, MO

7 Things Exterior House Painters Should Tell You in St. Louis, MO

When you’re looking to get the exterior of your home painted by a professional, you may find that the whole process can be quite intimidating and a bit overwhelming.

In terms of information, however, there are some key things that you should be finding out from your exterior house painter — and if they don’t give this information voluntarily or after you ask them, you should probably reconsider using them as a painting contractor.

With that being the case, let’s now look at and consider seven things exterior house painters should tell you in St. Louis, MO.

1. Whether The Cost Of Paint Is Included

One of the big things you’re going to need to know from the painter well ahead of the start of the painting project is whether the cost of the paint is going to be included in the estimate they give you.

The reason that this is so important is that a painting estimate may be given to you and the price could look really nice only to have you find out that you have to pay for the paint separately.

It’s much better to know upfront if you’re going to have to pay for the paint separately from the estimate that you are given by the company.

2. What Kind Of Paint They Plan On Using

It’s further important to know what kind of paint the painting company is planning on using when they’re painting the exterior of your home.

It’s good to have this information so that you can understand the reasoning behind the decision, as well as to appreciate that the painter understands why they are using the particular paint for the exterior.

3. Whether They Are Licensed And Insured

This one is important — you are going to want to know whether your painter is licensed and insured, and not just one or the other but both.

The reason that you are going to only want a licensed painter is that having a painter’s license means that they know what they are doing.

The insurance is critical because it will cover the cost of damages, should they occur, during the painting process.

4. The Estimate In Writing

The estimate for your painting project is only going to be as good as the paper upon which it is written — unless the painter does not offer you the estimate in writing.

There’s no good reason that you should not get the estimate for the painting project in writing, and if the painting company tries to tell you that they just can’t give you the estimate in writing for one reason or another it should raise somewhat of a red flag for you — and you may want to seek out a better painting company in that case.

5. What They Use For Protective Equipment

Another thing that you’re going to need to know before the paintwork begins is the kind of protective equipment that they use during the painting project.

It’s important to know that the painting company that you hire is going to use the best kind of protection that is reasonable for an exterior paint job such as the one you will be asking them to do.

6. What Prep Work You Need To Do First

With any given paint job, there’s typically going to be some prep work that needs to be done before the painting begins.

A good painting company is going to let you know somewhat in advance what you are going to need to do before they get there on the first day so that the painting company will be able to start their work promptly.

7. If A Warranty Is Provided

Lastly, make sure that you make the effort to find out if it’s not already made clear if you are going to get any sort of warranty on your painting project.

This is important because having a good warranty on an exterior painting project can make a difference between two similarly priced proposals — the one with a warranty may be the one you should consider since the warranty can really help you out as a homeowner.

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