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7 Tips For Cleaning Your Living Room in St. Louis, MO

7 Tips For Cleaning Your Living Room in St. Louis, MO

Your living room is a place where people will often spend a good amount of time, and as such it requires a somewhat regular cleaning.

Even if you don’t spend all that much time in the room at any particular time, the periodic use of the room will get it dirty enough that a good cleaning will be just the thing that it needs.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven tips for cleaning your living room in St. Louis, MO

1. Pick Up Bigger Things First

As you are looking to clean your living room, you may wonder where you should start — it could look entirely overwhelming to you.

One good thing you can do to help you both in terms of getting things done and from a mental perspective is to start with some of the bigger things that need to be picked up.

By doing this, you will be eliminating those bigger things from the room and helping yourself by getting the project started with a big push, so to speak.

2. Don’t Forget The Ceiling

In the course of cleaning a living room, many people entirely overlook the living room ceiling.

The problem is that people don’t tend to look up, and yet the dust that can accumulate on walls can also get up there on the ceilings — and when you have cobwebs that get up there, they can make the ceiling look particularly nasty.

The remedy to this is that you should periodically clean the ceiling and thus avoid having it look like it came out of a haunted house.

3. Flip The Couch Cushions

Your couch can be perfectly good in quality but if your cushions are looking a bit sad for the wear, the quickest thing to bring new life to the couch could be as simple as flipping the couch cushions.

Though this seems like something that would not be really taking care of the problem, by flipping the cushions you are redistributing where they get pressed and over time even out the cushions.

Naturally, it is also good to give the cushions a good fluffing to help them in the long run.

4. Take Care With Your Electronics

There is one area of your living room with which you should exercise greater care and that is when you are dealing with electronics.

This is because you might be using moist towels or the like to clean everywhere, and if there’s a bad combination out there it is electronics plus wet anything.

You should carefully clean your electronics, making sure that you don’t get the parts that are exposed — and if you want to be particularly cautious you will of course unplug electronics during the cleaning process.

5. Clean Off Your Coffee Table

A good coffee table can look really nice in your living room, but if you have things all over it, it will still not look very good.

The remedy to this is to periodically clean it off — and as mentioned above sometimes it’s better to clean off the bigger things before moving on to the smaller things.

So long as you find places to put the things, you will find yourself with a good coffee table once more.

6. Smart Use Of Microfiber Cloth

There are many ways that you can get some dust off of your surfaces, starting with the typical feather dusters that people will recommend.

You can perhaps find it easier to clean the living room of its dust if you make use of a microfiber cloth.

Sometimes just the cloth by itself will be enough to clean and sometimes you will need to moisten the cloth a bit in order to clean.

7. Vacuum With An Attachment

Lastly, as you will be likely making use of a vacuum to rid the living room of extra dust, you should think about the various attachments that are available for the vacuum cleaner.

The longer attachments that are available can help you get the vacuum able to reach up higher in your living room so you can even clean some of the dust on the ceiling.

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