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7 Professional Tips For An Accent Wall in St. Louis, MO

7 Professional Tips For An Accent Wall in St. Louis, MO

In the course of remodeling your home, you don’t always have to go for the big updates that take a considerable amount of time, like painting an entire room or even the ceiling — sometimes just one wall will do.

The good thing about an accent wall is that it really contrasts with the other walls in a room and can allow you to really express creativity with just one wall.

With that being the case, let’s look at seven professional tips for an accent wall in St. Louis, MO.

1. Fabric

Though some might suggest that an accent wall need be painted, there are many ways to make up an accent wall and fabric is one of them.

This does not necessarily mean that you are going to be using only one kind of fabric on the wall, either — you can use an assortment of colors and types of fabrics for your accent wall.

If you’re making an accent wall on a budget, you can sometimes get smaller scraps of fabric on sale when they’re remainders, and these bits of fabric can be pieced together making for an interesting challenge and a nice look to your accent wall.

2. Hung Items

Another way that you can make up a nice accent wall is to hang up things on the wall, perhaps things that have some kind of emotional or other import meaning to you.

These can be things that come from your own life, perhaps from your family’s history, and could include things like old photos that you have from your parents, grandparents, and the like — as well as mementos from your life like your school pennant.

3. Don’t Fear Bold Colors

There are some things that you should never put on an accent wall, but you should absolutely not fear using a bold color when you are making up yours.

A bold color can make an accent wall really stand out in the room and punch up the place to look a lot better.

4. Stencils!

Another creative way that you can make up a good accent wall in a room is to employ use of a set of stencils, or even just one stencil with which you can make a pattern on the wall.

The nice thing about a good stencil is that you can add this pattern to the wall without having any discernible artistic ability — you just need to apply the stencil to the wall, paint, and repeat.

5. Place Where You Will Look

One of the fundamentals of making a good accent wall is to consider the placement of the wall.

Since you have just about four walls in any given room, you’ll likely be able to settle on one room that is going to be the best room for your accent wall in the room on based on what wall naturally attracts your view when you enter the room.

6. Remember The Colors Of Other Rooms

When you’re making up your accent wall, it helps to consider the other rooms in your home and their colors, particularly the adjacent rooms.

This is because as people go from one room to another, they will see the colors of the rooms as they change and so it is best not to have a color scheme for your accent walls that is too jarring.

7. More Than One Color Is Okay!

In the process of painting your accent wall, you may think that you’re going to be limited to just one color — that the meaning of an accent wall is that you have just one color that’s different than the other walls.

In reality you can have multiple colors on the wall, even a pattern if that’s what you want — it’s important that the accent wall reflects you.

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