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7 Child Bedroom Painting Ideas in St. Louis, MO

7 Child Bedroom Painting Ideas in St. Louis, MO

The painting of a child’s bedroom is an opportunity to tell a story or even to express your creative spirit – it’s going to be their bedroom for a good number of years at least and it’s nice for them to have something to inspire them when they spend time in the room.

There are so very many ways that you can paint your child’s bedroom (ceiling included) that it would be just about impossible to number them all — but a few of them are certainly worth mentioning.

As this is the case, let’s look at seven child bedroom painting ideas in St. Louis, MO.

1. Dragons To See

If your children are fans of fairy tales it’s entirely possible that they’ll enjoy seeing dragons on their walls and maybe even the ceiling.

Dragons of course can be a fairly scary thing so you may want to regulate the kind of dragon you put to the more cartoon and whimsical kind, but on the other hand your children may be just about old enough to like larger and more fang bearing dragons.

Whatever kind of dragons your child or children may enjoy, you can just imagine that much time will be told telling stories and playing games in the bedroom with the addition of a dragon or two on the wall or even ceiling.

2. Small Fantasy Village

Another way to paint your child or children’s bedroom is to transform the walls into a sort of fantasy village, the kind you might find in books about kingdoms that never were with magicians and beasts in forests.

Even though these sorts of villages don’t really exist in the real world, they are most often based on real history and in any case, they can enhance the look of the bedroom by making it that much more playful.

3. Abstract Shapes

Another direction that you can take a kid’s bedroom in terms of painting is to make use of abstract shapes that don’t really hold any special significance.

The really nice part about this is that you don’t have to give them any meaning, but over time the imagination of the kids can make stories up that give the shapes significance.

They can be in just about any color or pattern that you or the children like, of course — that’s part of what really makes this nice.

4. Oceanic View

You don’t have to actually live under the sea in order to have a view in which you can see it, so to speak.

The walls of your kids’ bedroom can be painted to make it appear as though they are actually living underwater.

Things that can contribute to this kind of look are sea creatures painted on the wall as well as the kind of plants that can be found there.

5. Chalkboard Paint

A fun way to allow your child or children to express themselves creatively is to add a chalkboard wall to their room.

That way you can supply them with as many colors as you can find and let them draw their own designs on the bedroom wall.

It can certainly be a bit messy at times but given how many different things they can make happen, isn’t it worth it?

6. Horizontal Lines Of Different Colors

This is much more simple, but it still will ultimately make your kid’s bedroom look so much nicer.

Painting horizontal lines in the bedroom is just a matter of finding out what colors your child or children like and them painting them.

7. Clouds

Lastly, consider… clouds.

That’s all — just simple clouds on a nice blue background.

A child’s bedroom walls don’t have to be overly complicated in order to look nice.

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