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5 Tips For Painting Your Dining Room On A Budget in St. Louis, MO

5 Tips For Painting Your Dining Room On A Budget in St. Louis, MO

Your dining room is a place where you tend to spend a lot of time during the week if you are of the sort that has meals in the ordinary places and not the sitting on the couch eating while watching television variety.

That being the case, it’s good to occasionally paint it but you know quite well that this means putting out a bit of money — though there are ways to bring down the price of paint work if you know what you are doing.

With this in mind, let us look at and consider five tips for painting your dining room on a budget in St. Louis, MO.

1. Don’t Go Cheap On Brushes

There are aspects of your paint job where it is well worth it to try to trim the budget but you’re not going to want to do it when it comes to paying for your paint brushes or even your paint rollers.

The reason you don’t want to go cheap here is that when you get lower priced paint brushes or rollers, the price difference can be seen in the results that you get — it’s more difficult to paint with a cheaper brush and as well you will more easily have bits and pieces of the equipment breaking off as you work and getting into the paint.

2. Consider Recycling Center Paint

When people are typically done with paint, they take it to a recycling center to get properly disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If you should go to such centers, you can get a really good deal on paint that can be used for painting — if you are lucky enough to find it, that is.

Of course since this is paint that is being disposed that you are finding, it’s entirely possible that you won’t find exactly the color that you want but the tradeoff may well be worth it.

3. Make Sure To Sand First

Though taking the time to sand the interior walls might seem like something you won’t be able to do due to time restraints and how much time costs you as it were, you need to make the time to sand prior to painting.

The reason that this is the case is that you will want to have a good smooth surface when you are painting and one thing that will guarantee a smoother surface is sanding.

The thing you will of course need to bear in mind is that once you have finished sanding, you clean up the sanding dust that inevitably will come up because of your sanding efforts.

4. Use Higher Quality Paint

Though this might seem entirely counterintuitive — since higher quality paint tends to cost a bit more — it is well worth spending the extra money for the better paint.

This is true because of a number of things — for one, it’s a lot easier to apply higher quality paint than lower quality paint.

Moreover, when you use higher quality paint you will see that it lasts longer and in the long run this matters a lot as you won’t need to repaint as quickly.

5. Plan The Paint Work Carefully

Something that a lot of people don’t associate with painting with a budget in mind is that one needs to plan the paint work quite carefully.

This means doing things like measuring the space that is going to be painted so that you’re going to be able to calculate how much paint you’re going to need, so that you don’t buy too little or even too much.

Too much paint is bad because then you’re stuck with the excess and too little is actually also bad because then you basically have to go out and get some more — and time is after all directly related to money!

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