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7 Money Saving Ideas When Improving Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

7 Money Saving Ideas When Improving Curb Appeal in St. Louis, MO

It is fairly well known that appearances can make a big difference when you’re looking to sell your home, and this plays right into the idea of curb appeal — the perceived value of a house as a passerby might have when looking at it from the curb, or perhaps even driving by on the street.

The problem that some people encounter is that when they try to improve their curb appeal, the things they come up with cost significantly enough that it doesn’t seem worth the investment (though of course in many cases, the money you would get from the sale would more than make up for this initial investment.)

With this being the case, let us look at seven money saving ideas when improving curb appeal in St. Louis, MO.

1. Replace Your Doormat

Replacing your doormat can be one of the most simple ways for you to improve your curb appeal — when you are looking at a house, you can generally tell when a house has a beat up old doormat, even from a distance.

Another thing that’s nice about getting a doormat for your home, particularly when you’re looking to save money, is that you can get them from discount stores and they will still look really nice.

Additionally, you can pretty much count on seasonal doormats — doormats that are themed to different holidays during the year — to be on sale a little after each of the holidays end… and since you know the holiday will just come back the following year, you can just reuse it then.

2. Window Trim Painting

While it’s true that it can cost quite a bit to get the exterior of your home painted, you can still make your home look nicer and improve your curb appeal by painting your window trim.

The one thing you’ll have to bear in mind about window trim painting is that it can be a time consuming process — not the actual painting itself, but protecting everything that is not your window trim from the paint with painter’s tape and the like.

Once you get everything protected, it should be fairly easy to paint the window trim.

3. Paint The Porch

Not only is painting the porch a good way to improve your curb appeal, it can be done with relatively minimal paint (compared to painting the exterior of your home) and depending on when you get started can likely be done over the course of a weekend, time of course being needed also for paint to dry in between coats.

4. Painted Potted Plants

Painted potted plants are a fantastic way to get a little variety around the exterior of your home, and to help with your curb appeal a bit as well.

You can get painted pots in any number of colors, and the kinds of plants that you can get for your potted plants add to the different ways that you can add a nice look.

5. New Bigger House Numbers

If you really want to improve your curb appeal and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can definitely appreciate the idea that you can get such a thing just by changing out the house numbers on your house and replacing them with larger and better looking ones.

As well as helping people get to your house more easily (how many times have you struggled to get to someone’s house because the house number was too small?) you will also make your house stand out and look a lot better.

6. Trim Your Trees

Assuming that you already have the equipment necessary to trim your trees, doing so is an entirely free way (time aside) to boost your curb appeal.

7. Add A Bird Feeder

Have you ever walked past someone’s house that had a bird feeder hanging from their tree?

It’s the kind of thing that inspires awe when done right, and it also boosts your curb appeal — it’s a good look for the house to house a bird feeder or two outside.

Best of all it’s really low as far as investment goes, and you will appreciate how much better your home looks when you’ve added one or two.

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