5 Tricks To Take Care Of Mold On Your Exterior Walls in St. Louis, MO

5 Tricks To Take Care Of Mold On Your Exterior Walls in St. Louis, MO

The exterior walls of your home are some of the first things that people see when they pass by — if there are issues with the walls, it will be quite obvious to anyone having a look.

This is particularly the case when it comes to the treatment of mildew and mold, two of the more insidious things that you can find on the exterior walls of your home and which if left unchecked can pose not only a threat to the physical well-being of your home but of the people who live in it.

As this is the case, here are five tricks to take care of mold on your exterior walls in St. Louis, MO.

1. Porous Surfaces Are More Sensitive

When you are cleaning many of the exterior surfaces of your home to rid them of the mold that is menacing them, you will want to use some sort of abrasive chemical cleaner to make sure that you really kill the mold that is there.

This is not so when you are working with more of a porous surface as it is going to be more sensitive to the things you will use for scrubbing.

The best thing you can possibly do is to use a good cloth and to make sure that you scrub the surface well enough that you don’t see any trace of the mold when you have finished.

2. Safety Goggles And Gloves

When you are in the process of cleaning mold and mildew from the surface of the exterior of your home, you are most often going to be making use of strong chemicals to do so.

You should of course use gloves to limit any possible exposure that you will have to these chemicals, but you should also wear goggles such that you protect your eyes from anything that might spray toward you while you are cleaning the mold.

3. Anti-Mildew Paint For Preventing Future Mold

When you have finished cleaning the mold and it is completely removed from the exterior of your home, you are going to want to take measures to make sure that you don’t see it again.

One thing you can do to ensure this is to make use of paints that have mildew inhibiting properties — these are the sorts of paints that will do a good job to make it so that you won’t have to spend all the time cleaning mold on the exterior of your home in the future.

4. Distilled White Vinegar Can Kill Mold

While there are so many different chemical compounds that you can purchase for getting rid of the mold on the exterior of your home, you might do well to use basic distilled white vinegar to do the work for close to eighty percent of the molds that are found out there.

If you can get away with cleaning the exterior of your home with something that you already have in it (the standard home has some white vinegar in the kitchen, generally speaking)

5. A Stiff Brush May Be Necessary

When you are in the process of cleaning the mold from the exterior of your home, you may find that one of the most useful things that you can use in terms of tools is a stiff wire brush.

Though of course there are other brushes out there and you may find that you could do well with what you have in terms of equipment, it still may be a good idea to get a stiff brush for ridding yourself of the mold.

After all, it’s better to use a superior tool for only a few minutes than to use an inferior tool and to spend considerably more time scrubbing the exterior of your wall because you don’t want to spend the money to get a better tool.

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